Automotive bearings need to add lubricating oil? How far can run - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
This kind of high load bearing load, can not withstand high speed, so is only applicable on the truck. Itself has no this kind of bearing seal structure, relying on the wheel hub shell sealing, a failure, but the sealing material bearing lubricating oil will soon after failure, the water bearing is easy to broken. Small and car wheel hub bearing load, high speed, so the roller bearings with double column. Second, the traditional wheel bearing is need to refill the butter, the wheel bearings are tapered roller bearings, ball bearings and bearing shell can be separated, and itself has no bearing oil seal, need to install additional oil seal in the axle wheel hub, so its impermeability and durability than integrated hub bearing differs a lot, so it caused the need for periodic cleaning and late filling butter and clearance adjustment. For this kind of wheel hub bearing, no lubrication directly replace later, do not need to be maintained. Moreover some adopt double sealed bearings is filling lubricating oil, other such as single seal, sealed bearing is not charging.
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