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Automotive air conditioning compressor bearing refers to where, you know? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Automotive air conditioning compressor bearings: how to determine the compressor main bearing has two places, one is a clutch connecting belt, there is broken, light, sound, belt creep, serious lag is the clutch. One place is the compressor internal, if internal bearing was broken, the compressor stuck directly, but you don't according to the A/C state, the clutch can be idle. Automotive air conditioning compressor bearings, air conditioning compressor air conditioning compressor is plays a compressed drive refrigerants in air conditioning refrigerant circuit. Generally in a outdoor air conditioning compressor. Air conditioning compressor refrigerants from the low pressure area extraction to the compressed to high cooling condensation, through the heat sink gives off heat to the air, the refrigerant from gas into a liquid, pressure. Air conditioning compressor working loop evaporation area ( Low pressure area) And the cooling area ( High) 。 Air conditioning and the house belongs to low or high ( Depends on work status) 。 Refrigerant flow from high to low pressure area, again through the capillary injection into the evaporator, pressure drop, liquid refrigerant immediately into a gaseous state, through the heat sink to absorb a lot of heat in the air. Thus air conditioning compressor work unceasingly, unceasingly absorbs the heat at the end of the low pressure area to the refrigerant to send out high into the air again, have the effect of regulating the temperature. Automotive air conditioning compressor bearings: - working principle of the compressor The condenser - The throttle device - Evaporator heating and refrigeration principle is the same, namely reverse carnot cycle, unlike the refrigeration principle of exchange of condenser and evaporator, i. e. , the compressor - The evaporator - The throttle device - Condenser. Compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, whether working condition of air conditioning, cold storage refrigeration process, chemical industry and so on have compressor is the important link to guarantee! Refrigeration compressor types and form a lot, according to the principle of partial volume type and velocity type two kinds, including displacement is the most common. How the compressor compressed gas? Simple and that is by changing the volume of the gas to complete the gas compression and transmission process. Any power equipment needs to be a driving force to work completed, the compressor is the same, it needs a motor ( The motor) To drive. Volume type compressor is divided into reciprocating piston and rotary type two kinds. 1, reciprocating piston is through the piston within the cylinder for reciprocating motion change working gas volume; Piston compressor has a long history and mature production technology. 2, rotary compressor blade ( Sliding vane) Rotary compressor, screw compressor, the current domestic production of air conditioner most use rotary compressor; Screw compressor is mainly used for large refrigeration equipment, refrigeration system main points several devices: compressor - The condenser - The throttle device - Evaporator its basic principle is that the compressor to compress refrigerant into high pressure saturated gas ( Ammonia and freon) The gaseous coolant through the condenser cooling. By throttling the throttle device, pass into the evaporator, cooling medium heat transfer of cooling will be needed. Connected to the building of various rooms such as evaporator, the evaporator in the sinusoidal tube heat exchange with the air, again through the blast air conditioning blowing air of the room. Aking and evaporator tube after the coolant heat into low pressure steam back to the compressor, be compressor compression, then it's off to recycle the refrigeration system. Similar heating system is the principle, the only way instead. Above is refers to where the automobile air conditioning compressor bearing is introduced, hope to be of help.     Pay attention to 'own', or add WeChat number: public zizhuche, daily gain different automobile industry comments, the comment is not conclusion, is to provide a more at method and point of view of the problem. If you have a car needs, please click on the below I want to buy a car.
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