Automatic baking-free brick equipment: bearing cage of evil essence damage - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Bearing is no stranger to most people, almost as long as it is with wheels will have a bearing on the rotating mechanical bearing the wide application of degree can be used to describe the terror. Bearing generally consists of inner ring and outer ring, roller and cage of four parts, in daily production using engineering no matter what part of appear flaw, wear, corrosion, rust will lead to the bearing can't operate properly. For automatic baking-free brick equipment, bearing is one of the important parts, due to the automatic baking-free brick equipment is the construction waste, industrial waste, tailings and other solid waste residue, waste incineration slag aggregate for the production of raw materials, so the automatic baking-free brick equipment production environment is relatively bad, so for the hydraulic system, bearing, electrical equipment and parts need to develop relatively strict check daily maintenance project, in order to eliminate the potential problems. Silver horse intelligent brick machine in order to help the silver automatic baking-free brick equipment users better eliminate all kinds of problems, summarizing the silver horse small make up through a variety of data bearing cage of evil essence damage reason and solution. Cage damaged phenomenon mainly for looseness or breakage rivet, maintains a burst. Reason: 1, torque load is too large; 2, high-speed rotating or speed change frequently; 3, bad lubrication; 4, card into the foreign body; 5, large vibration; 6, installation ( Installation tilt condition) ; 7, abnormal temperature rise ( Resin cage) 。 Cage damaged solutions: 1, check the conditions of use; 2, check the lubrication condition; 3, to study the choice of the cage; 4, pay attention to the bearing use; 5, the shaft and bearing box rigidity.
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