Angular contact bearings, bearings are as large as 6500

by:Waxing     2020-11-12
& emsp; & emsp; Sixth, other grinding factors & amp; emsp; & emsp; Grinding parameter Settings of feeding, insufficient cooling water cooling or cooling performance degradation, machining allowance is too large, empty travel distance adjustment is insufficient, and the grinding wheel and workpiece collisions are important factors influencing MFL after grinding, the influence mechanism of these factors is the effect of temperature on magnetic. Wire should be smooth and uniform, the size of the unfavorable impact, self-priming pump which require the use of oil pressure or pressure stable tension or can use tools, it had to use hammer, also want to through soft without exfoliation metals such as copper sleeve to buffer, tapping force as gently as possible. New bearing size matching tests to determine when to replace new bearing, shall, first of all, the main journal and the surface of the connecting rod journal, such as loss of roundness and conical degree back to normal, and then press the crankshaft journal and the journal of actual size to choose and adapt to the new bearing. Self-aligning roller bearing types are: spherical roller bearing type CC) ; Conical bore self-aligning roller bearing type CCK) ; Spherical roller bearings CC/W) ; Taper hole spherical roller bearings CCK/W) ; Mounted on the set set of spherical roller bearing the CCK + H) ; Mounted on the set set of spherical roller bearing the CCK/W + H) Kind of. Nine, basic load rating of basic dynamic load rating ( C) Basic dynamic load rating is to make the same set of linear systems under the same conditions, respectively, to walk, not due to rolling fatigue damage materials including %, and walk at a constant direction x & amp; sup; When the load; Basic static rated load ( Co) Basic static rated load is made under great stress on the contact part of the roller deformation and rolling deformation of the sum of the diameter of the roller. According to statistics, in the use of roller bearing of rotating machinery, due to damage of rolling bearing fault accounting for %, as a result, the working condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rolling bearings technology research more and more get people's attention. And, when the original organization of carbide small, uniform distribution, the reliable control of the above levels of the microstructure, to obtain high comprehensive mechanical properties, which has high service life. With wear particles in lubricating oil by strong magnetic fields, under the action of strong magnetic field, abrasive according to the law of precipitation on the ferrographic pieces, can be made on the ferrographic microscope ferrographic pieces in qualitative observation and quantitative instrument testing, judge the working condition of bearing. Solution: regular check, change in time, the pump inlet near the center, make returning from the radiator coolant knock pump blades, then the blade will be from outside the pump to the engine coolant. Can continue to use to judge the bearing of the disassembly, need in the bearings cleaning after the completion of the inspection, the conical roller bearing to external ring raceway surface and rolling body check. Shaft and the bearing chamber tolerance selection and control of water pump shaft bearing pressure into the imported bearings should be flexible rotation, no block after feeling, if there are any obvious rotation is not flexible, indicates the size of the shaft is too big, tolerance to downgrade. Clean and carefully inspect the bearing in the assembly before you bearing inner and outer race, rolling element and cage, if there is a rusting, burr, and crack that touch an injury; Check whether the bearing clearance is appropriate.
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