Angular contact ball bearing installation and removal

by:Waxing     2020-11-24
1) Preparation of angular contact ball bearing with angular contact ball bearing through antirust processing and packaging ( 包装) Do not open the packing before, so can't install. In addition, angular contact ball bearing with the anti-rust oil has good lubrication performance ( 兴能) For general purposes of angular contact ball bearing or lubricating oil filling angular contact ball bearing, can not directly use cleaning. But for the instrument with angular contact ball bearing or used in high speed rotation ( 旋转) Angular contact ball bearing, applications, 应用程序) Cleaning cleaning oil washed away anti-rust oil, when the angular contact ball bearing is easy to rust, not for a long time. 2) Shaft and the shell inspection, cleaning, angular contact ball bearing and the shell, confirm no scar or mechanical processing of burr. Thin wall bearing manufacturer for bearing low friction torque, high rigidity, good rotation accuracy, using the small diameter steel ball. The use of hollow shaft, ensure the lightweight and wiring of the space. Thin wall type bearing has realized the extremely thin cross section of the bearing, also has realized the product miniaturization, lightweight. The diversity of products extends its application scope. Shell has absolutely can not have abrasives ( SiC and Al2O3, etc. ) Sand, scraps, etc. Next inspection shaft and shell size, shape and machining quality ( Mass) Whether to conform to the drawing. Before installation of angular contact ball bearing, in the inspection of shaft and the shell of the mating surface coating machine oil. Angular contact ball bearing the installation method of angular contact ball bearing installation method ( 方法) Due to angular contact ball bearing type and matching conditions are different. Due to the more commonly as the axis of rotation, so the inner ring and outer ring can respectively USES the interference fit and clearance fit, the outer ring rotates, the outer ring USES the interference fit. ( 1) Pressure into the installation into the installation ( ān zhuāng) General use of pressure, 压力) Machine, also can use bolt and nut, when forced to use hammer into the pack. ( 2) Heat installation Angle contact ball bearing ( 轴承) In oil heating so that it has expanded ( 膨胀) After installation, ān zhuāng) On hot set method can make the angular contact ball bearings to avoid unnecessary force, in a short time to complete installation work. Bearing the use of clean environment for bearing is very important. Such as cross section thin-walled bearing ring rotation surface and rough surface precision of the rolling element is about 1/10 microns, this smooth surface of the ball if polluted, its influence is very serious. Note 1) heating General heating ( 加热) Do not exceed 100 ℃. 2) Do not allow the angular contact ball bearing contact with the bottom of the tank. Heat installation also can make use of induction heating device to angular contact ball bearing, 轴承) Heating makes the expansion ( 膨胀) After installed on the shaft. Angular contact ball bearing of removing regular inspection or replacement parts, need to remove the angular contact ball bearings. Axis and angular contact ball bearing box almost usually want to continue to use ( 使用) , angular contact ball bearing also tend to continue to use. Therefore, the structure ( 结构) The design should consider ( consider) To remove the angular contact ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, shaft, not damage angular contact ball bearing box and other parts, but also to the proper removal tool. Removing interference fit of ring, can only add tension on the ring, not by drawing roller ring provide precision ( precise) Screw angular contact bearings, spindle ( 主轴) Bearing, P5, P4, P2 level angular contact ball bearing on an article: angular contact ball bearing preloaded and comparison under a constant pressure preload: after installation running regularity of angular contact ball bearing adjustment method
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