A few maintenance project - bearing knowledge is easy to overlook

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
As many of the rise in the number of private cars, the word for car maintenance is no stranger to a lot of people, even many owners have to some of the daily maintenance of the vehicle with ease. Parts such as pollen filter replacement needless to say, but there are so many parts is neglected, the following parts are carefully checked you? Many owners know only to replace the brake belt and brake oil, but need to be aware of the brake system can not only that, the brake disc is very critical, if worn brake disc, the surface roughness is bad, the braking effect will decline sharply. In addition if under the condition of the temperature is very high, it will be easier to produce heat decline phenomenon, it is in the process of our driving is very dangerous. At this time when the car turned to the necessary parts, stable control for his car drive have a vital role, and in case of tie rod loose phenomenon, will cause great potential safety hazard, here we need to check it regularly, such as have the phenomena such as rock, if there is a need to replace the ball head or rod bearings. And if it is found that car has had a similar phenomenon, the best don't drive a car, after all, life is the first. Ignition wire which is part of the engine is key. Most people only pay attention to the maintenance of the spark plug, and high-voltage cables should be our focus, if the husk of the high tension line damage, this will cause leakage fire, and once the high tension line there is fire, the working state of the cylinder must also is bad, and the engine operation must also be affected. That although often do not need to care, but the maintenance is needed, for some owners daily, exhaust pipe leakage problem must not appear, no rain the weather will cause some flame-out phenomenon, the next need to pay attention to rust, have a very good solution that is painted. The third exhaust pipe internal cannot leave dirt, otherwise may cause some harmful material into the car. Part of the chassis is also very fragile, it takes a long time to face it red roast, and occasionally there are sand, gravel hit for a long time will cause certain persecution to the chassis. And for these only need to pay more attention to clean at ordinary times the chassis.
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