Your side bearing huge profits, have you found? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
The most common, the most commonly used bearing, with guide rail, first say bearing, bearing is a kind of important modern machinery and equipment parts. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotator, reduce the coefficient of friction in the process of the movement, and guarantee its rotary precision ball bearing bearing bear the indispensable parts in the machine, so its dosage is very large, so lead to do it there are a lot of manufacturing, the middlemen to resell, bearing is good many, of course, I wouldn't have to explain here, they give you a look at the price of the most common bearing with the middle of the profits: buy price sell price can be seen from the picture, the price of the most common bearing, by middlemen sell the price is nearly 180%, the dosage of the bearing is also can see from the picture, this is so terror in the middle of the profits down to tell everyone about guide rail, so what is the guide? Many people may not know? Guide made of metal or other materials trough or ridge, affordable, fixed, mobile device or equipment and to reduce the friction of a device. Guide on the surface of a longitudinal slot or ridge, used to guide, fixed special machine parts, equipment, instruments, etc. Guide is also called the slide rail, linear guide, linear slide rail, used for straight line reciprocating movement situation, has higher rated load, than the straight line bearing can bear a certain torque at the same time, can be achieved under the condition of the high load and high precision linear motion. Guide rails in general, the most distinguishing feature of sliding plastic slideway is with excellent rigidity, vibration absorption ( Inhibit vibration of tool cutting) And damping ( Prevent when starting or stopping the vibration of the rail system) Cutting load, which is suitable for large machine tool use. The price also is to turn over more than 110%, a few layers of middlemen markups, finally to the buyer, estimates that can turn over more than 260%, buyers bear the price machine prices, product prices, how much Fried middlemen in the middle price, but we don't know.
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