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With diamond coating on bearing surface treatment - bearing knowledge to reduce losses

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Bearing is a kind of universal parts, only a handful of devices will not adopt bearing design, in most cases, the bearing will appear in all kinds of instruments and equipment in the system. Diamond type of coatings for surface treatment, ball bearing and sliding bearing can greatly reduce the friction loss of bearing system. Ahead of this type of diamond coating can through the special coating process is applied to the plastic bearing, used to improve the durability of the parts and prolong the service life of equipment. Usually in bicycle transmission part we often can see ball bearings, while sliding bearing can be found in the ship machine shaft. Bearing in a lot of drive and brake design has played a crucial role, not only can they engine at high speed and high compound under the condition of normal work, but also can help the materials meet the requirements of extreme harsh working environment, type of diamond coating appears very well solve the above application. From Germany freiburg IWM material research center scientists are actively developing the next generation of the new type of bearing, they developed a through special processing technology for bearing the high performance of chemical coating, in this way to contribute to the bearing surface smoothness and reduce friction, prolonging bearing use so as to achieve design requirements. These innovative coating products, mainly by the diamond type carbon ( DLC) , head of the centre for the study, said Dr SvenMeier 'type of diamond coating, makes the design of the bearing in the future we have the powerful technical support. We can fully capable of design than traditional bearing a longer service life of the new product. This painting the new bearing technology and application of the coating are still in the further development, we can imagine that this product in the case of without lubricant can finish the work. 'Of course to diamond coating on the surface of the bearing also need special coating process, the IWM scientists have completed the process of development. Meier and then said, 'our coating method can be suitable for complex geometry parts for surface treatment, such as ball bearing cage, etc. 'At present, the engineers are to optimize the technology, trying to realize the application requirements of high-performance performance low coating thickness, the IWM plan to control the coating thickness below 20 microns. 'Our technique can ensure micron grade coating layer structure of the service request, under the size, can completely replace the traditional lubricating oil or lubricant coating, to maximize reduce internal friction in the system. If you have any special requirements, we can also make the super smooth surface of the material. 'At present, the researchers also in further development of coating coating process, to ensure that it can meet the specific requirements of different specifications and shape parts. IWM goal is through optimizing process to reduce the existing high cost bearing processing, thus to achieve to reduce enterprise equipment procurement and equipment maintenance cost.
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