Why can't the shoulder root radius too big nor too small, how to value - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Shoulder fillet is too big or too small can cause what problem actually, made it clear in machine design teaching material: the radius is too big, round hole part of the bearing chamfer may be small, so the rounded and chamfering is interference, the bearing and the shaft shoulder depend on is not tight, use in the easy to cause vibration; Radius is too small, easy to produce stress concentration, shaft shoulder will affect the strength of the shaft. Shoulder fillet size values is better as a result, the shoulder root radius must be less than the radius of bearing inner ring, generally should be half of the bearing inner ring radius, to ensure bearing close to shoulder; Degree of the vertical shaft shoulder in production and how to test shoulder fillet size of verticality with right Angle size mandrel shoulders, make its closed, then borrow the light or sunlight, such as light-leaking uniform or not light-leaking, vertical shaft shoulder. The shoulder root fillet radius available sample inspection. Bearing and shaft when installation, must check the perpendicularity of the shaft neck shoulder and shoulder root radius conform to the requirements before use;
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