When imported SKF bearing selection problems need attention - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Bearing types, different types and sizes. In order to make the play to the expected performance of mechanical equipment, select the most appropriate SKF bearing is very important. Many is due to the selected bearing, needs analysis, from different angles, research, evaluation process, with special specifications of the bearing have no choice, but usually in the following order: ( 1) Master the mechanical device and SKF bearing conditions of use ( 2) Clear requirements of the bearing 3) Select the type of bearing ( 4) The selected bearing configuration, 5) The choice of bearing size ( 6) The selected bearing size ( 7) Selected bearing installation method correctly grasp the conditions of use and environmental conditions bearing and mechanical equipment under the conditions of use and environmental conditions of use under the premise of SKF bearing area, select the right bearing. : (who, for the following data and information 1) The function, structure and mechanical equipment ( 2) SKF bearing of site use ( 3) Bearing load ( The size, the direction) ( 4) Rotation speed, 5) Vibration, shock, 6) Bearing temperature ( The environment temperature, temperature rise) ( 7) The surrounding atmosphere ( Corrosive, cleaning, lubricating) Bearing configuration options, usually made up of two radial and axial support shaft bearing, this time, the party is known as the fixed side SKF bearing, it under fixed axis and the function of the relative axial displacement of bearing box 2 radial and axial load. On the other side is the so-called free, only bear radial load, axial relative movement can be the solution generated by the temperature change of the axis of telescopic title and install bearing interval error. For fixed side bearing, rolling surface can choose in axial movement, such as cylindrical roller bearings or assembly mobile ( If the centripetal ball bearings) Bearings. On the short shaft, the fixed side and other cases no side effect is small, only a one-way fixed axial moving bearing ( Thrust ball bearings, such as the heart) 。
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