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What's the difference between the high-speed and low-speed bearing, is how to distinguish? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
What's the difference between the high-speed and low-speed bearing, is how to distinguish? Today is long seen bearing is very important in the modern industry, even bearing technology will also affect the development of certain areas. We see a lot of things at ordinary times, such as car, the door on many fields such as, where they use in the middle of the bearing is different, so the classification will be different. As we all know the bearing points of high-speed and low-speed? Is it? It is how to distinguish? Due to the use way is different, so they were divided into low-speed bearing and the bearing. But although it is said that they distinguish basis is not a simple from turn to turn to calculate how many circles. Some low speed of this bearing which speed can reach nearly tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, but some though called high-speed bearing, speed per minute, but several hundred to have. They distinguish basis is divided by the linear speed of the bearing, high linear velocity is high speed bearing. Is responsible for turning in the inside of the bearing place is different also, low speed of this it is mainly used in the circular, cylindrical and conical rotor, the high-speed bearing is bearing shell. On the appearance of it will find high-speed bearing surface looks more smooth, on the surface there won't be as rough or as low-speed bearing is certainly some pits. The distance between the outer and inner circle is very small, the bearing has a high precision, low speed, its surface are relatively rough, precision even harsher. On the use of materials have some differences. High speed exactly this kind of use are some metallographic, the steel with higher hardness, able to withstand more pressure.
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