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What material is the mystery of the engine bearing? Through these points, high temperature resistant and lubrication bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
As is known to all, aircraft engine is one of the most important parts of a fighter, to judge the strength of a fighter is strong, also, the engine performance is also one of the important indicators. On the premise of engine power, a fighter is likely to play out in other ways, such as the avionics system and firepower superiority; Otherwise, due to the engine performance is weak, the plane, in combat is equivalent to the leg much shorter than his opponent. In the complex structure of engine, engine bearing is the most important thing in this structure, the structure of the core. Can say, the entire structure of the engine, are to be carried out under the drive of bearing work; Therefore, the bearing is decided to a 'brain' of the engine performance. The manufacturing process is also the most cultured; From the point of appearance, bearing is just a 'big iron'; However, this 'big iron' contains the massive technical details. Such as structural strength, load capacity and transmission efficiency and so on. In the numerous performance, heat resistance, is the first heavy engine. If a motor bearing can't afford to severe friction caused by high temperature under high speed rotation, again the strong load capacity and the degree of lubrication, all is lost. In a Russian engine, Russia is casting type, and the United States USES is welded. Domestic is subject to material science and reason of structural mechanics, and there is no solution to the problem of high temperature resistant. In the process of manufacturing the bearing, the complexity of the process and accuracy requirements are very high; General country is almost impossible. So the world can do independent production fighter a handful of countries. And, bearing manufacturing, not only need to material science, mechanics and powerful technology. Also need a lot of objective conditions, for example, must have the appropriate raw materials and excellent metal smelting capacity. Not only that, the experimental process of engine is not flat, require a lot of money, as well as excellent talents and equipment to undertake various types of test, this kind of put a lot of research for a country, can also cause a heavy burden. Only Russia and Europe in this way can the strength of China and the United States. While other countries, can only rely on technology was obtained from the power in the hands of the big four. Above all, want to have a powerful engine, there must be many condition, strong materials, precision rigorous manufacturing technology and developed structural mechanics, be short of one cannot.
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