What is the function of transmission bearing comprehensive knowledge system analysis - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
The house was not strong enough, enough to see how its roots played; Winter jacket is warm, depends on its packing is what kind, in reality, must have inner support to show better appearance. Let's watch the transmission bearing role below. The role of transmission bearing - — Transmission to the requirement of bearing 1, taking into account the variable speed drive bearing shape and size. 2, variable speed drive bearing horizontal placement, can also be placed vertical or inclined. Can be positive and negative rotation. Can be positive and negative input and output power ( The reduction or growth) 。 3, variable speed drive bearing no matter adopt what kind of installation method, and its connection are size requirements. Recommended use: d inner circle hole and shaft with the H7 / h6; Circle the pin hole on the do cooperate with transmission of the H7 / r6; With the outer shell and D according to H8 / h7; Drive with the output shaft hole with the use of clearance fit, the interval of 0. 2 to 0. 5mm。 4, variable speed drive bearing axial positioning: will any of its three laps after axial positioning, do not need other two shaft axial position again. 5, the rotation direction positioning; Both outer and inner ring is flat key position. The circle is the use of transmission. 6, variable speed drive bearing on radial can bear the external force of smaller, but unfavorable under high work load. 7, transmission ratio, all is according to the first installation of transmission ratio. If the other installations, should calculate transmission ratio. 8, at the rated speed ( 1500rpm) , according to the transmission ratio and the required power ( 千瓦) The selection of variable speed drive bearing type. 9, when based on the working torque, need corresponding selection model. 10, reducer type selection in accordance with variable speed drive bearing model. The role of transmission bearing - — Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, easy to use, the most widely used. Mainly used for the radial load, also can absorb a certain amount of axial load, when the radial clearance is bigger, has the properties of Angle contact ball bearing. Compared with the size of the other kinds of bearings, the bearing has a small friction coefficient, high limit speed, manufacturing high accuracy, easy to realize the characteristics of bearing seal, is the user's preferred bearing type. ( Double row angular contact ball bearing, ball bearing series, clean bearing) Cylindrical roller bearing is separable bearing, installation, convenient disassembly, are commonly used to bear radial load, compared with the appearance of the same size deep groove ball bearings, has large radial load capacity and stiffness, suitable for high load or requiring high stiffness. Tapered roller bearing is mainly used to bear to mainly consisting of radial load and axial load, has great bearing capacity, but I can't improve manufacturing precision, high noise, shall not apply to the high speed and low noise. Needle roller bearing needle roller bearing: ( Stamping, thrust, needle roller and cage components) Due to compact structure, small radial size, large load capacity, especially suitable for the limited size of the radial installation supporting parts, accord with the requirement of mechanical equipment to small HuaQing quantitative development. Linear bearing linear ball bearings mainly use straight line reciprocating movement of the parts in the mechanical equipment, has a small friction, movement, flexible and convenient replacement maintenance. Clutch bearing this kind of product structure is mainly stamping outer garment type angular contact ball bearing and single side band rubber seal type two kinds of angular contact ball bearing, generally for the outer ring spinning, cannot be used alone, generally should be used with cast iron sleeve. The product is gradually replaced by the automatic self-aligning clutch release bearing. ( Automatic self-aligning clutch release bearing assembly, automatic self-aligning, long life, light weight, etc; Have to reduce the noise, reduce wear and damage of the matching parts of functions. Its core is a set of angular contact ball bearing) 。 Transmission bearing role will auto transmission is directly related to its function, auto transmission must meet the requirements of all kinds, including shift smoothly and high output power, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency and low noise, etc. , and the demand is higher and higher. Transmission bearing performance, therefore, also must meet higher requirements. This is the foundation of the development of auto transmission bearing.
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