What is a centrifugal pump? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Centrifugal pump on centrifugal force generated by the impeller rotates to transport liquid pump. Centrifugal pump is the use of a centrifugal impeller rotation and make the water has come to work. Pump before the start, it is necessary to make the pump casing and suction tube filled with water, and then start the motor, make and water pump shaft to drive the impeller for high speed rotation, water centrifugal motion, be left to the impeller outer edge and the volute pump shell of the water flow into the pump pressure. The basic construction of centrifugal pump is composed of eight parts, respectively is: impeller, pump body, pump cover, hydrosphere, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, stuffing box, the axial force balance device. 1, is the core part of a centrifugal pump impeller, its output power high speed. 2, the pump body also calls the pump shell, it is the body of the pump. Support fixed effect, and connected to install bearing bracket. 3, the role of pump shaft is connected by coupling and motor, the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is a major part of the mechanical energy transfer 4, sealing ring, also known as minus leakage ring. 5, stuffing box is mainly composed of packing, don't let the flow within the pump outside also not let outside air into the pump. Always keeping the vacuum inside the pump! When the pump shaft and be about to rely on water seal packing friction heat pipe water injection to the water seal circle packing cooling! 6, the axial force balance device, in the process of centrifugal pump operation, because the liquid is in low pressure into the impeller, and under the high pressure flow, the impeller pressure on both sides, the pointing in the direction the entrance of the axial thrust, will cause the rotor axial channeling, wear and vibration of the axial thrust bearing, and therefore should be set in order to balance the axial force. One, according to the classification number 1, single pump impeller, namely on the pump shaft is only one impeller. 2, multi-stage pump, namely on the pump shaft, there are two or more than two impeller at this time of the pump total head is the sum of n of impeller head. Second, according to the impeller suction way classification 1, unilateral feed water pump: also called single suction pump, the impeller on only one inlet; 2, feed water pump on both sides: also called double suction pump, the impeller has an inlet on both sides. Its flow rate than single suction pump twice, can be approximately regarded as two single suction pump impeller together back to back. Three, according to the pump shaft position to classification 1, horizontal pump: pump shaft in horizontal position. 2, vertical pump: the pump shaft is located in the vertical position of four, according to the impeller out of the way classification: 1, the volute pump water out of the impeller, directly into the pump shell have a shape of a helix. 2, guide vane pump: water out of the impeller, into its set of guide vane outside, after enter the next level or into the outlet pipe. Next let's share of the centrifugal pump start-up, operation, maintenance and centrifugal pump of the main application object.
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