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What is a bearing sleeve back you know? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
At first contact bearing, the tight sleeve and withdrawal sleeve is confused about, always silly points not clear. Do not know to have friend and small make up confused? Sleeve is back here to you talk about what's going on. What is the bearing pass you know? Sleeve is mainly used for back taper hole fixed on the ladder shaft bearings cylindrical journal. This place and set different sets, set set can be used for optical axis, and can be used for ladder shaft. Shaft and sleeve wisdom can only be used for ladder. Withdrawal of crushed into on shoulder or similar device between the cone bearing and shaft, then with a nut or end plate should be fixed on the shaft. Due to the shaft end thread can have different size according to the practical application, so the lock nut or end plate with the withdrawal of supply, requires a separate order. Remove the withdrawal of the nut also need to order separately. Withdrawal set on the surface coated with anti-rust agent, a slotted on set, the taper surface, as a general rule, be 1:12. Remove the withdrawal of the nut also need to order separately. Using injection method can simplify the bearing installation and removal, to cope with this method, general custom company can provide with the design of the oil and oil tank. These AOH withdrawal set at the side of the threaded with two oil entrance. In the back of the sleeve and cylindrical surface, conical surface have some along the circumferential direction and the axial distribution of oil tank. After the injection of oil and oil tank of the hydraulic oil, bearing and shirking and between shaft and withdrawal of blend surface can form a layer of oil film, can significantly reduce the power needed for installation of bearing.
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