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by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Today, we will hand bearing to a scalp the belly, see bearing internal structure, teach everyone how to disassemble the whole bearing security, nondestructive and in order to carry on the comprehensive cleaning. 1. Apart first of all we need to put the bearing dust cover down. Like this, remove the dust cover, we flip bearing, laid hands on him from behind. Use a needle or a thin hard up out of the cage, Could start from the front with hard needle cap. 。 So we get a cage, a steel ball completely bare bearings. The following is the steel ball to the inner ring off together. At this point, we completely disassemble the whole bearing! 2. Parsing the outer bearing and hub direct contact with the part, the main supporting role. Suffer most from the wheel force. Most wear occurs on one side of the lateral contact with wheels, under the impact of excessive deformation or fracture happens, affect the use of safe. ( Such as not specifically designed for FSK or roller skating bearing used in the above event is easy to reduce the bearing life, bearing and accelerate aging) Inner ring parts, come into direct contact with the nail and the orbit of the outer ring to form a bearing bead. Remove itself quality problem, caused by improper inner ring fracture. ( Such as the lack of oil when the use of high strength still)     Maintains A cage in the normal operation of bearing, played A major role, in between A steel ball, work to minimize friction and heat; B, keep the equal distance between the steel ball, make by the load evenly; C, guide the ball under the condition of normal operation in the normal installation of steel ball, it is apart after we get the nylon we keep the rack with six steel ball on the circumference of a circle of hexagonal six vertices on symmetric distribution, load can be evenly dispersed, carry more than seven bead bearing load! Steel ball is installed between the inner ring and outer ring, rolling and the role of heritability. Roller is the load components, its shape, size and number determines the capacity of axial load and high speed performance. In TWINCAM ILQ - 9 series bearing uniform 6 ball bearings, able to withstand a load of larger, higher speed. In the high strength and the improper use of prone to 'bead blasting' phenomenon, Such as the absence of oil using high strength) for a relatively long time     Dust cover dust cover you must have been seen a lot of, in general the most easy to dirty and dust cover ( Such as above) Mainly is to prevent oil spill, stop the foreign substance into bearing inside. Don't look down upon it, a good dust cover on the waterproof dustproof antifouling but very elegant bearing production manufacturer's technical strength. Bearing diagram: & emsp; Bearing condition maintenance bearing should be inspected regularly for bearing used in harsh environment life longer.
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