What are the precautions for schaeffler bearings should be when using knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Rolling bearings make precision parts, thus a prudent attitude when use requirements accordingly, already became using high-performance bearing, if use undeserved, also cannot achieve the expected performance effect, so the use of schaeffler bearings that should be paid attention to the following: keep the bearing and the surrounding environment clean. Dust into the bearing even invisible to the naked eye smile, also can increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise. Use should be careful when installed, do not allow the powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly, don't allow through the transfer roller pressure. Using appropriate and accurate installation tools, use special tools as far as possible, avoid using cloth class and short fiber, things like that. To prevent rusting of the bearings and directly with the hand to the bearing, to fully wash hands sweat, and again after coated with high quality mineral oils, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay attention to rust. Shaft and the bearing chamber tolerance selection and control: after the schaeffler bearings bearing pressure should be flexible rotation without blocking. If there are any obvious rotation is not flexible, indicates the size of the shaft is too big, tolerance to downgrade. Such as bearing pressure into the shaft by hand after the rotation has obvious 'sasha vujacic' feeling, may be the shaft or shaft roundness tolerance is too big. When control the shaft and the bearing chamber tolerance so also want to control the roundness, at present many domestic manufacturers to control the tolerance, not to control the roundness. Bearing assembly way: because the bearing is high precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to cause damage to bearing channel, result in bearing damage. When bearing assembly shall have a dedicated mold, not casually, only small circle of stress when pressure into the shaft, pressure can force the circle circle. Require the use of pneumatic or hydraulic assembly, lower die when being connected to outside the state level, if there are any tilt causes schaeffler bearings channel due to mechanical damage, and make the bearing guide ring. Assembly to prevent foreign body: bearing in loaded on the rotor dynamic balance when it is easy to dynamic balance of iron into the bearing inside, so it is best to install bearing before do dynamic balance. There are some manufacturers in order to convenient assembly, assembly in bearing indoor coated with some oil or grease lubrication effect, but usually operators good amount of it is hard to control, if oil or grease in the bearing interior storing up more, in the bearing rotates along axis to the bearing inside easily. Bearing chamber it is best not to apply oil or grease, if must apply to control shall not be storing up in bearing interior. Paint the rust prevention: paint rust is characterized by multiple in sealing type motor, the motor sound is very good, when it is assembled but put some time in the warehouse, the motor sound is very big, remove the bearing has serious rust phenomenon. Many manufacturers will think is a problem of bearing before, after our propaganda, motor factory now have realized mainly is a question of insulating varnish. Acid varnish comes out of the problem is mainly due to the formation of corrosive substances under certain temperature and humidity, the bearing channel after corrosion result in bearing damage. The problem now is only to choose good insulating paint, after drying and ventilation assembly after a period of time. Bearing life is closely related to manufacturing, assembly, use, and must be made at each link to make the schaeffler bearings in optimum operation state, so as to prolong the service life of bearing.
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