What are the cause of the bearing oil cut-off - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Bearing off the reasons of oil ( 1) The time to switch from the oil system of wrong operation happened, and increased surveillance of lubricating oil pressure at the end of the fork, make the oil bearing fault, cause tile burning. ( 2) Oil pump unit after starting speed, speed, did not pay attention to monitor pump pressure, due to work properly, shoot oil into the air to the main oil pump, pressure loss of lubricating oil pressure reduction and linkage, several aspects together, make the oil bearing fault, the four tile burning. ( 3) Bush in his maintenance or operation of the shift. ( 4) Steam turbine generator set in the process of starting and stopping, high and low pressure oil pump fault at the same time. ( 5) The main oil pump work properly. ( 6) Oil system of accumulated a large number of air did not rule out in time, make the oil bearing instantaneous ask off. ( 7) Dc oil pump is not cast in time. ( 8) Installation or maintenance, the reserved oil system of cotton and other sundry, blockage of tubing. ( 9) Strong vibration unit, can make the bearing shell sharply grinding damage.
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