Wantai group rolling bearing calculation - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
MESYS software is a professional mechanical engineering calculation software, can of bearing, axis as well as the calculation and analysis of shafting.     Wantai group by introducing MESYS software can provide customers with professional bearing computing services and technical support. MESYS not only can do it according to ISO 16281 and ISO 281 bearing life calculation, and it also can carry on the analysis of bearing internal, mainly includes: & emsp;   1. Bearing the load distribution & emsp;   2. Hertzian contact stress & emsp;   3. Selected the hardening depth under the surface stress & emsp;   4. The ball bearing friction torque & emsp associated with load;   5. Bearing friction Angle & emsp;   6. Deviations and the tilt of the bearing & emsp;   7. Minimum oil film thickness & emsp;   8. Rotary roll than & emsp;   9. The expansion of the stress ellipse group & emsp;   10. Bearing the load distribution & emsp;   Through MESYS shaft calculation module can be realized according to the standard DIN743 the whole shafting and the components of the bearing and deformation, strength calculation, at the same time also can analyze installed on multiple connection shaft bearing service life.
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