Use of equipment maintenance regulations - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
The use of the equipment required: ( 1) Employees in front of the independent operation equipment, should attend equipment safety operation procedures, maintenance knowledge training, to obtain the certificate is rear can use the computer operation. ( 2) Operators to do 'miyoshi', 'sihui' : 'miyoshi' namely control equipment, with good equipment, good maintenance equipment; 'Sihui' will use equipment, maintenance equipment, check equipment, general failure would rule out. ( 3) Equipment operators 'five discipline' : A. A personal machine operation, operation credit equipment use, strictly abide by rules of safe operation; B。 Often maintain the cleanliness of the equipment, in accordance with the provisions, refueling, to ensure reasonable lubrication; C。 Comply with the daily check and succession system; D。 Control tools, accessories, and may not be lost; E. Found abnormal, stop the engine immediately, we cannot deal with, and shall timely report and collaborative maintenance personnel to eliminate. Equipment maintenance requirements of the 'four' : ( 1) Tidy: tools, artifacts, accessories placed neatly, complete equipment components and safe protection devices, circuit and pipeline integrity; ( 2) Cleaning: equipment inside and outside clean, the sliding surface, screw, rack, such as no oil, no dent, each part does not leak, no leakage, no leakage, cutting waste, scrap and other clean; ( 3) Lubrication: gas, oil change on time, meet the requirements of oil, the oil can complete, oil gun, oil cup, nozzle, oil standard bright, oil flow; ( 4) Security: a personal machine and succession system, familiar with equipment structure, abide by rules of operation and maintenance, reasonable use, maintenance, monitoring of different shape, is not an accident.
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