Use needle roller bearing the note

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Compared with general machinery parts, high precision of needle roller bearing, therefore also correspondingly should be careful when using. 1) Keep the bearing and its surrounding clean 2) When used carefully if careless to the bearing to strong impact when using, can cause a scar, indentation, bearing fracture, etc. 3) Use the right tools (4) Note bearing anti-rust avoid use in damp places, and to not make sweat stained, gloves should be worn. 5) The user should be familiar with bearing 6) Set bearing using the code of conduct, bearing a safekeeping, bearing and its surrounding clean c b, the size of the installation site and processing quality of test installed d, e, after inspection, remove the g f, maintenance ( Regular inspection) H, additional bearing lubricant safekeeping bearing were coated with right amount at the time of delivery of anti-rust oil and anti-rust paper, as long as the packaging is not damaged, the quality of the bearing will be guaranteed. But long stored in humidity below 65%, under the condition of temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, the shelf in 30 cm above the ground is advisable. In addition, the place should avoid direct sunlight or of safekeeping and touch the walls of the cold. ​
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