Under the simple introduction of needle bearing structure and elastic properties

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Since mechanization production popularization, most of the work will have to complete the machine, and in these devices have many there is a needle roller bearing, by them to ensure that the machine operation and normal work. Fortunately, the types of needle roller bearing, therefore can meet the different needs of various fields, that is like a one-way needle bearing adopts what kind of structure? One-way needle roller bearing is mainly consists of two parts, stamping outer ring and plastic cage, the cage can bring plastic reed, can also on stainless steel reed guide roller, and on the outer ring raceway and cant needle as a locking device. Because of its special structure, one-way needle roller bearing can be used as a converter, non-return device or overrunning clutch. In the process of practical application, in order to better meet our requirements, request a one-way needle bearing also puts forward certain standards in terms of elasticity. Due to the rolling element and the contact area between ring raceway is very small, so the bearing under the load, especially in the case of under high load, needle roller bearing contact surface contact pressure is very big. In order to prevent the high contact stress under large plastic deformation, the bearing precision loss or surface crack, so the production of one-way needle roller bearing bearing steel should have high elastic limit. It is understood that the hardness is one of the important indexes of bearing, and contact fatigue strength, wear resistance, has close relation with the elastic limit, directly affects the bearing's life. Usually, the hardness of one-way needle roller bearing usually according to the style and size of axial load, bearing size and wall thickness of the overall situation to decide. In the processing to the appropriate size and shape, precision needle roller bearing to higher life and operation of a complete set of precision
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