Supporting roller bearing heater common problems

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Heat the bearing will affect the bearing itself? A: bearing heating temperature not over 120 degrees. As long as within the 120 - degree that is absolutely safe to bearing, because according to the characteristics of bearing steel, after more than 120 degrees to the bearing clearance and preloading change, with slow loose, causing problems such as the early damage. By special heat treatment, of course, the bearing can be heat to 200 degrees. What is the effect of bearing heater runtime to human body? A: our products are used by the frequency of power frequency 50 hz. And rice cookers and other home appliances is the same, power frequency is absolutely safe to human body, can say its effect on the human body is far less than a cell phone. The biggest how inner diameter can be heated? A: AUELY product is based on maximum overall diameter rated unit, is completely different, because different workpiece diameter but same diameter as a gear diameter is 1000 mm, 100 mm diameter so light see inner diameter is not comprehensive. How much is the inner ring expansion coefficient? A: there are schedule for reference, usually 100 inner diameter of the bearing inner ring expansion 10 wire heated to 100 degrees. ( Of course also look at the actual artifacts, maintains a material difference thickness of different will have an effect on expansion coefficient) The highest temperature can be heated? A: AUELY heater has two heating modes: the highest temperature model and time temperature mode can set temperature is 250 degrees, ( In addition to the special specification) There is no limit to the time mode. We need the height of the heating workpiece is not enough? Answer: the artifacts if too high too wide there are two kinds of solution 1. Add buy pillar extension rod, namely in the u-shaped two-terminal pad high required for heating workpiece. 2. Custom: design - confirmation - commissioning - improve 7 - finished product delivery. Heating the workpiece heated evenly? Answer: the uniform is relative, heated evenly depends on two aspects: 1. Bearing: inner ring heated evenly, and the outer ring has a larger temperature difference, because is the inner ring heating heater design is given priority to, this also is required by the heat. 2. Artifacts: asymmetric shape. Irregular, too high, too long will have an impact on 8. I think heated to 300 degrees to do a: AUELY bearing heater use has two modes: time model and temperature because the temperature sensor can withstand a maximum temperature of 250 degrees and choose high temperature is 250 degrees so heating time pattern must be used more than 250 degrees, at the same time with the external temperature tester to determine ( Common contact and infrared gun) 9. About the residual magnetic answer: to prevent the residual magnetic bearing's influence on the bearing running two degaussing AUELY heater set: automatic degaussing/manual degaussing automatic degaussing in heating operation after completion, manual degaussing to have special request for the residual magnetic special design artifacts. ( When manual degaussing shall be removed on workpiece temperature probe) 10. About degaussing principle answer: from any metal materials are hysteresis loop, heating process, the workpiece in the flow of electric current is very big, hysteresis loop is big, if suddenly cut off the power supply, it is possible to leave a larger residual magnetism, through effective control of thyristor, the hysteresis loop is shrinking, to cut off the power supply, there would be no residual magnetism artifacts. 11. AUELY products can be degaussing apparatus used? You can. But to be degaussing object has a limit, must be set on the heating rod, the other in the process of the degaussing temporarily in the heating process
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