Steam turbine coupling ladle partial knowledge of processing - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Steam turbine overhaul of the ladle slant of coupling and beating measurement is a relatively important work. Maintenance detected excess coupling beating degree, through the dynamic balance, to balance the center of mass unbalance; If excessive rigid coupling gourd ladle, when the bolt fastening, can cause the other side of the shaft neck and degree increased, the vibration in the running state. Methods have on-site processing gourd ladle, scraping with a standard flat. Another way to inflation is caused by uneven heating parts and play the role of ladle slant correction. Particular way is transfer coupling plane gourd ladle partial negative place first, and then maximize the positive, coupling of another end is the root of the coupling at round baked in the near along the arc heating. Coupling between negative face with 'of' glyph frequency heating. At the same time for heating. Make coupling expansion, the use of its weight or mass hanging, for correction, in the process of heating, can install dial indicator monitoring changes. Coupling is used to connect to the steam turbine rotor and generator rotor and the main oil pump oil lubrication system, control system, main transmission rotational torque. Due to the coupling with the steam turbine rotor high-speed rotation, so a lot of centrifugal force. The original spring type flexible coupling end by two bolted flange between steam turbine rotor flange and the coupling flange, or between the pump shaft, the axial has certain displacement. Because in the operation of the steam turbine rotor center and the center of the coupling has some deviation, and the expansion of the main shaft is a bit uneven or some other reasons, may cause the spring leaf large shear force, because the spring piece by ground stress, so easily broken. Spring breaks its axial clearance after more uneven, around openings, the deflection in after reaching a certain degree of design theory, under the coupling flange side short tiles friction, time is a bit long, can make the coupling bolt fracture, then twist off. Instead of teeth after shell, basically has the following advantages: the center of the rotor allow inflation have larger deviation; Can smoothly pass the steam turbine generator larger rotational torque; The spindle expands can well absorb the axial displacement; The rodents and uniform, between tooth and tooth stress is relatively uniform, reduced the transmission of vibration.
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