Specific know the assembly precision bearing technical requirements

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
With the rapid development of numerical control technology, the 'complex, high-speed, intelligent, precise, environmental protection' has become a main trend in today's machine tool industry technology development. Among them, the high speed machining can effectively improve the machining efficiency of machine tools, machining of shortening the cycle, which requires the spindle and its related parts to adapt to the requirement of high speed machining. Similarly, assembled on high precision high speed CNC machining center spindle and feed part of precision bearing must satisfy the high precision of machine tools, high speed, low noise, trouble-free, high reliability requirements. Precision bearing assembly quality directly influences its working state and service life, a lot of failures of CNC machining center are caused by improper bearing assembly, so the precision bearing assembly technology should be given enough attention. Precision bearing generally choose interference coordination equipment, equipment in the precision bearing equipment parts should be taken into account by its designer. Should be set on the axis design, or bearing hole equipment with groove, in order to open the bearing. More careful operation equipment disposition. Axial rolling bearing manufacturer recommendations, when using the precision bearing equipment should pay attention to the following: to prevent direct impact bearing ring; Equipment power should not pass through the bearing rolling body, if open down more from scratch using precision bearing. Power equipment precision bearing from a shaft equipment should be through the bearing inner ring, equipment when the precision bearing force from the bearing hole should be transmitted bearing coat; Precision bearing down once the equipment should be cleaned and coated with air-dried anti-rust oil or grease, prevent rusting axis to accept. In order to improve the actual matching accuracy of precision bearing installation, must not make precision bearing deformation measuring method and measuring tools, the precision bearing surface of the inner hole and cylindrical coordinate measure precision of the actual size, can be related to the inner diameter and outer diameter measuring project all be measured, and make a comprehensive analysis of measured data, based on this, according to the precision for shaft and hole the size of the precision bearing installation site. In the actual measurement with a shaft and the corresponding size and shape of the hole, should be the same as the measured precision bearing temperature conditions.
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