Solve internal lubrication bearing heating technology - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Loss of needle roller bearing for many reasons, all the influence factors of design and manufacturing process will be associated with the loss of combined needle roller bearing, analysis and bad judgment. But in general, generally can be used from the two aspects of factors and internal factors considered and analyzed. Loss of combined use of needle roller bearing is mainly refers to install, use, maintenance, maintenance, repair and so on meets the technical requirements. Installation condition is one of the primary factor of use factor, combined needle roller bearing is often caused by improper installation of a complete set of combination of needle bearing stress changes between various parts, composite needle roller bearing in the abnormal state run and loss. According to the combination of needle bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance of technical requirements, the operation of the combination of needle roller bearing load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, found that abnormal immediately to find the reason, adjustment, so that it is back to normal. In addition, analyze the grease and the surrounding medium, the atmosphere quality inspection is also very important. Grease lubrication grease and seal, seal structure and lubrication equipment simple, add grease is convenient, so as long as the work conditions allow, grease lubrication combined needle roller bearings are generally used. Oil lubrication cooling effect is strong, and can be taken from within the combined needle roller bearing dirt and moisture. Combined needle roller bearing lubrication oil lubrication methods have pressure oil lubrication, oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication. Under the pressure oil lubrication is normal speed combined needle roller bearing is the most effective way of lubrication. Oil lubrication is the lubricating oil at a certain pressure through in a combination of spray nozzle on one side of the needle roller bearing into the bearing lubrication for inside, generally used in high-speed needle bearing, or pressure lubricating oil can't meet the cooling requirements of the occasion. Spray lubrication is to contain oil mist dry compressed air into the combined needle roller bearing lubrication for inside, use less oil, due to the effect of air, cooling effect is extremely strong. Pressure oil lubrication and oil lubrication needs to be installed into and out of the tubing, lubrication pump, oil reservoir, sometimes need to lube oil cooler, therefore, the cost is higher, combined needle roller bearing is less commonly use.
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