Sliding bearing clearance test and adjust knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
The role of the bearing clearance: shaft neck and the fitting clearance of bearing bush has two kinds: one is the radial clearance, the other is a axial clearance. The determination of the bearing clearance: top clearance can be determined according to experience, also be determined by calculation. Bearing clearance measurement: check the bearing radial clearance, generally USES pressure lead measurement method and the feeler gauge measuring method. 1) Pressure as lead measurement method of pressure measurement of the lead wire diameter is at the beginning of measuring clearance of 1. Five times the length of 30 ~ 100 mm. Lead wire is soft, the operating procedure is: a first open the bearing cover, will be a short lead wire coated with grease, on the upper bearing and on both sides of the upper and lower junction, as shown. B and then cover the bearing cap and screw down the bolt, for a little while longer loosen bolts and remove the bearing cover; C each section of the lead thickness is measured with vernier caliper, according to the formula of the tip clearance of bearing delta value. 2) Feeler feeler method is used in the tip clearance, the lateral clearance and axial clearance measurement. When measuring the gap should ideas can plug length, should not be less than two-thirds of bearing length. Bearing clearance adjustment: according to the method of interval values such as less than a specified value, should be between the upper and lower tile joint surface and gasket to adjust; If answer to minus the gasket is greater than the specified value, or scraping bearing surface to adjust.
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