SKF imported bearings choice should focus on the following four - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Imported SKF bearing fit the role is to make the stationary ring and rotating ring, respectively, and installation of bearing parts of the stationary part ( Usually bearing) And rotating parts ( Usually the shaft, Consolidation in together, so as to realize in the condition of rotating relative to the static load and limited movement system the basic task of the system location. In the shaft and bearing, roller bearing requirements in the radial, axial and tangential direction to three directions such as fixed position. Through the positioning of the radial and tangential the tight fit of bearing ring, the axial positioning only in a few cases with tight fit; Generally USES the axial spacing parts, such as end cover and retainer could happen on the axial location clearance range. Is one of the most important parts in machinery imported SKF bearing, also can saying is the mechanical joints, and we human beings, without joints, it is no good, if no joints that a paralyzed, and what role? That is of little use, mechanical, too, have no bearing, mechanical cannot use up, so the machine is inseparable from the bearing, can't live out of the bearing, and waste. Imported SKF bearing the use of the method is very complicated, there is the need to support the use of the rolling bearing of the general technical personnel to know knowledge, we generally is certainly don't know, here we come to you to introduce the use of the rolling bearing with and request, also familiar with you after bearing dot know basis. Choosing cooperation should focus on the following four: ( 1) Imported SKF bearing ring circumferential surface should have good bearing and force uniform, in order to reduce the deformation, and can give full play to the bearing capacity of the bearing. ( 2) Ring in its surface can't slide along the tangent direction, otherwise it will damage the mating surface. ( 3) Freedom end bearing must be able to adapt to changing with the length of the shaft and bearing seat holes, which must have to adapt to the axial location within a certain range of swimming ability. ( 4) Must pay attention to the bearing installation and easy disassembly, saving time and expenses for the province.
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