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SKF icos & # 8482; Oil seal bearing assembly - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
In any system, the bearing has always been one of the components - — It requires lubrication to run is good, also need to seal to save lubricant and keep it clean. Such as seals and lubricant ( Grease) Integrated into the bearing, we can make the bearing a complete, can immediately installation of the device. So you can make it highly reliable, durable, and after loading system, once and for all. SKF according to the idea to create a new product - — ICOS™ Oil seal bearing assembly. In this unit, oil seal, That is, a spring loaded radial shaft seal) Installed in the side of the bearing. This kind of design idea can be applied to most of SKF bearing, but we first put it into use in the deep groove ball bearings, because this kind of bearing has a very wide range of USES. ICOS™ Is a registered trademark of the SKF.
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