SKF bearing failure reason analysis and attention - bearing regular maintenance knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
1. Contact fatigue failure of contact fatigue failure refers to the bearing working surface under the role of alternating stress and failure. Contact fatigue spalling occurred in bearing working surface, often accompanied by fatigue crack, first of all, from the maximum cyclic shear stress under contact surface, and then extended to form a different flake shape, such as dot to pitting corrosion or pitting spalling, peel into small sheet according to the shallow flaking. Due to spalling surface expands gradually, and often to deep extension, forming deep spalling. Deep spalling is contact fatigue failure of fatigue source. 2. Between the surface of the wear failure wear failure refers to the relative sliding friction lead to constant wear and tear of the working surface of the metal and the failure. Continuous wear will cause bearing parts damaged gradually, and ultimately result in the loss bearing dimensional accuracy and other related issues. Wear may affect the shape change, the increase of fit clearance and working surface morphology change, may affect the lubricant or make its pollution to a certain degree of lubrication function is lost, so that loss of bearing rotating accuracy and will not operate properly. Wear failure is one of the common failure modes of all kinds of bearings, according to the wear and tear is usually divided into one of the most common form of abrasive wear and adhesive wear. Abrasive wear refers to the SKF between surface into the external hard work hard foreign body or abrasive dust on the surface of the metal particles or relative movement and the contact surface caused by wear and tear, often cause furrow of abrasion in bearings working surface. Hard particles or other foreign body may come from inside the host, or from the host system adjacent parts sent by lubricating medium bearing inside. Adhesive wear refers to the because of the friction surface microscopic bumps or foreign bodies make the friction surface is uneven, serious deterioration, the condition of lubrication for local friction heat production, easy to cause local deformation and friction surface friction welded phenomenon, serious when the surface of the metal may be the partial melting, contact surface forces from the local friction welding points on the matrix will be torn and increase the plastic deformation. This kind of adhesive - — Tear - — Adhesive cycle constitutes the adhesive wear and tear, in general, mild adhesive wear is called a scratch, serious adhesive wear called occlusion. 3. Failure of SKF fracture failure was the main reason is that defects and overload two factors. When the loads more than material strength limit fracture caused by parts called overload fracture. Overload reason mainly is the main engine failure or improper installation. Bearing parts of micro crack, shrinkage cavity, bubbles and large foreign impurities, overheating organizations and local burns and other defects during the impact overload or violent vibration will cause fracture in defect, known as defect fracture. It should be pointed out that the bearing in the process of manufacturing, for raw materials into the factory reinspection, forging and heat treatment quality control, process control through instrument analysis of the existence of the above defects and correct still must strengthen control in the future. But in general, usually bearing fracture failure of most for overload failure. 4. SKF clearance change failure at work, because of the influence of the external or internal factors, change the original fit clearance, lower accuracy, and the change of 'killed' called clearance failure. , large amount of the external factors such as interference of installation does not reach the designated position, temperature rise caused by the expansion, instantaneous overload, etc. , internal factors such as residual austenite and the residual stress in a state of flux and so on all is the main reason for the failure caused by clearance changes. Of SKF bearing equipment preventive maintenance, operation and peripheral parts replacement was removed when making an inspection, SKF bearing need to determine whether SKF bearing parts in turn can be used again and record the usage of good from bad. Will carefully investigate and record the tear open come down to SKF bearing and appearance. In order to explore the residual amount of investigation and lubricant, after sampling, to clean the SKF bearing well. Second check SKF bearing raceway surface, rolling surface and cooperate with the surface condition and wear conditions of cage with and without damage to watch the race and abnormal situation especially the running track. Judge bearing can use again, to the extent of the damage in considering bearing, machine performance, importance, and operation conditions, such as inspection period to decide later. Test results, if found damage and SKF bearing abnormal situation, please according to the bearing damage phenomenon to find out the reason, to develop countermeasures. In addition, the test results, there are some defects, if can't use the SKF bearing, need to replace new bearing. 1. Raceway surface, rust and roller has a scar. 2. Had a remarkable indentation rolling surface, rolling body and make a mark. 3. Inner ring diameter or outer diameter on the creep. 4. Discoloration of overheating. 4. Sealed bearing grease sealing and dust cover breakage to serious. 5. Inner and outer ring, rolling body, to keep any of them are cracks and debris. 6. Inner and outer ring, rolling body any one strip. 7. Raceway surface, guard, significant injury of roller. 8. Maintains a badly worn or loose rivet badly.
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