SKF bearing damage at the time of the treatment method and maintenance technology - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Bearing if there is no wrong choice can be used correctly, to the service life of SKF bearing before, can be used for a long time. On the other hand, there are unexpected injury earlier, and yield to the early damage of use, as the reasons of early damage, not enough to use scare the consideration on the lubrication and, in turn, and foreign invasion, the error of the bearing assembly and axis deflection of big, not enough research on shaft and bearing box, etc. It can be said that these reasons the situation more overlap each other. So, want to use machine to fully understand the bearing, conditions of use, bearing outer structure based on, if we can find out before and after the accident situation, again according to the damage of the bearing and a variety of reasons, can prevent the similar accidents from happening again. Decide when to lubrication and when to stop filling the way is very simple: make a base line, making observation schedule and to monitor the oil. 1, set a base line bearing base line is reflected in normal operation, no apparent mistake, enough db strength under the condition of lubrication. Develop basic line three ways: 1) , comparative law: if there are more than the same type of bearing, the SKF bearing can be put together to compare. In the same test method or from the same Angle to observe each bearing. Analysis of db strength and sound quality. There is no essential difference (if Less than 8 decibels) , we can set it as the basis for each bearing strength of decibels. 2) Add lubricating oil, set the base line, when add lubricating oil, listen to sounds, when the intensity of the sound down then up. At this time, don't add too much oil, and set it on the basis of the line. 3) Bearing strength of decibels, historical records: observation, record every day, and then compare the record of 30 days. If the db intensity change very little or no change ( Less than 8 decibels) , we can set the line, and the comparative value for future observations. 2, set up the observation schedule such as related to production, environment, operation results of equipment key is to choose and set up the main factors of evaluation of mechanical system. After the basic observation line set, is necessary to test once a month. For those who want to high pitch bearing lubrication, should be testing the frequency of more frequent, so that you can observe it the possibility of change. If a bearing is in a state will be destroyed, then the oil can only temporarily cover a mistake. However, db strength will soon rise to display errors exist. In some cases, this kind of phenomenon will emerge in a few minutes, some needs a few days. 3,, lubrication tests if a SKF bearing db based line more than 8 db, we think that the bearing lubrication. When we realized that the bearing lubrication is needed, know when to stop to prevent excessive lubricating oil will appear. Can be finished according to the following three steps: 1) , on the basis of the guidance of the bearing manufacturer dosage calculation, and then into the lubricating oil, not too much. This step is very subjective, and have nothing to do with ultrasonic, and this step never fail. 2) , when injecting grease lubrication technicians used ultrasonic instrument testing bearing. Oil slowly until the db intensity to a base line. 3) As a guide, if there is no base line, the amount of lubricating oil shall cease after the voice down and up. At this moment, the technician should stop continue to use the lubricating oil. 4, ultrasonic bearing inspection ultrasonic inspection or surveillance is found early bearing damage, At the beginning) The most reliable method. When the temperature or low frequency vibration intensity strengthened, ultrasonic warning will be the first ring. When early bearing damage due to excessive use, the lack of lubricating oil or lubricating oil too much, use this method of inspection of bearing is very useful. 5, find failure signal like metal on the tracks of ball bearings, such as roller or ball bearings began to overuse, small deformation occurs. This kind of situation will produce irregular surface, resulting in increase of ultrasonic. From the initial reading of the amplitude of the change shows that one of two conditions: the failure or lack of lubricating oil and the early bearing failure in advance. If the ultrasonic based line more than eight decibels, will keep on the impact of the noise, accompanied by the noise that lubricating oil failure ( Dry bearing surface) 。 If the ultrasonic reading more than expected readings, at 12 decibels, there will be a collapse of the noise, the noise can be assumed to SKF bearing has begun to enter the failure mode.
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