Simple identification method of lubricant - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Is the use of lubricant, identify the advantages and disadvantages, a few years of experience with the following only for your reference: one, lubricating oil: 1, water check; ( 1) Transparency, the lubricating oil into the test tube, observation, if not crystal clear and cloudy, can be initially determined lubricating oil containing moisture. ( 2) Inject about more than half of the lubricating oil, in vitro, heating to 100 ~ 120 ℃ or so, if there was a noise, and air bubbles appear or wall condensation water, shows the moisture. ( 3) , put white powder without water of crystallization of copper sulfate in a test tube containing lubricating oil, if the copper sulfate to blue and precipitation in the bottom of the lubricating oil in the water. 2, granularity of inspection; ( 1) , in a park on the level of clean glass, respectively, a drop of check the lubricating oil and the standard quality of lubricating oil, and then tilt the glass, comparing two lubricating oil flow speed and distance, velocity, distance, low viscosity, whereas viscosity is high. ( 2) , will be to check the quality of lubricating oil and the standard of lubricating oil in the two test tubes respectively, the oil level in vitro under five ㎜ mouth, the mouth tube seal, the two tube inversion at the same time, observe the bubble rising velocity, if be lubricating oil lubricating oil bubble rising faster than the standard, shows that the oil viscosity is lower than standard oil viscosity, high conversely. 3, lubrication performance of the identification; Will be stained with oil of friction between the thumb and index finger, if there is a sticky feeling, show that the oil has good lubrication performance, if feel acerbity, illustrate lubricating performance degradation. 4, mechanical impurity inspection; Be diluted with gasoline lubricating oil filter, filter out impurities. Second, grease: 1, the soap base identification; Put grease daub is on copper, and then put into hot water, if the grease and water, water does not change color, not emulsification, description is calcium base grease or lithium base grease, barium base fat; If the grease quickly dissolve in water, into the milk, translucent milky solution is sodium based grease; Grease while soluble in water, but it is slow and completely, that is sodium calcium base grease. 2, fiber network structure destructive identification; Put the copper coated with grease into the test tube with water and constantly rotating, without oil, shows that the organizational structure of the grease is normal, if there is oil bead float on the surface of the water, that the fiber network structure of the grease has been damaged, lost adhesion, cannot continue to use. The main reason is improper safekeeping, subjected to vibration and long storage. 3, mechanical impurity inspection; Take a small amount of grease to twist with finger pressure, through the judgment without impurities; Color the grease on the transparent glass, coating thickness is about 0. 5 ㎜, you can observe without mechanical impurities in the light. Lubricating oil is the blood of equipment, the use of right is very important to extend the service life of equipment.
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