Sewage treatment equipment maintenance considerations - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Polaris environmental protection net news: 1, the sewage treatment equipment replacement lubricating oil: open the sealed chamber and the inside of the motor oil hole screws, all the seal indoor and lubricating oil inside the motor, change new oil, to ensure normal work of lubrication system. 2, check the sewage treatment equipment wearing parts: submersible pump impeller, retaining ring, shaft sleeve, bearing seat is wearing parts, etc. You should take the pump parts removed, check whether the parts is in good condition. Damage and unqualified parts is strictly prohibited. 3, tear open pump shell rust prevention: spring before use, should be apart the pump shell at the next higher level, closing again after starting rotating impeller, in case the parts rust cannot be the normal starting and burning motor. The maintenance of water filling type motor is particularly important. 4, sewage treatment equipment drying machine: use 500 megohmmeter measuring the insulation resistance of the submersible pump winding and the shell if value less than 0. 5 ohms, should drive motor moisture. Drying methods are: external drying, current drying and combined drying method both at the same time. External drying method is the use of external heat source, commonly used measures are: (1) blow hot air: using electric heater blower ( Agricultural small submersible pump can use hair dryer) Blow hot air drying process in order to achieve the purpose of; 2 bulbs baking: in the sealed box, using a number of light bulbs for around 200 watts. Pay attention to the baking temperature not too high, should be controlled under 125 ℃; (3) current drying: according to the size of impedance and power of submersible pump motor three-phase winding in series or in parallel, then access a variable resistor, adjust the power flow for about 60% of the rated current value, current and dry. 5, to ensure the sewage treatment equipment sealing: agricultural submersible pump seal requirement is very strict, found in oily replacing seal indoor lubricating oil if turbidity and water content is high, it must be whole replaced or sealing ring or replace the seal box, in order to ensure the sealing performance is good. 6, check the bearing sewage treatment equipment: check the motor part of the upper and lower bearings, if discover wear or gap is too big, must be timely replace new bearing, it is forbidden to make use of 'being'. Inspection method is as follows: if the motor running, 'MAO unter den' sound, and the cycle is proportional to the speed, and turn the rotor by hand taxing, is bearing rolling path is a bit acerbity or avulsed phenomenon; If the bearing inner intermittent 'stuck to choke' sound, turn the rotor by hand not sure of the dead, are generally ball rack damage to ball bearings, inner ring rupture or broken. Encounter the above situation, must be replaced bearing, so as not to cause more damage. 7, to ensure the bearing lubrication: sewage treatment equipment for filling water submersible pump should be replaced check up and down bearing chamber of skeleton oil seal and lithium grease. To ensure the bearing long-term work under good lubrication condition.
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