Self-lubricating bearing lubrication mechanism - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
CSB - EP series materials are with unique lubricity and wear resistance is mainly due to the main body material adding enhanced fiber thermoplastic engineering plastic, lubricants, and other improver. The CSB - because of containing a thermoplastic synthetic material EP series products are crystal mesh structure with high wear resistance, uniform distribution in mesh with special lubricants. Due to the CSB - EP series materials with lubricating, in use without additional lubricant. CSB - EP series products good self-lubrication, combined with the overall product is lubricating material, so the product life is long; For the coating type, type and dip type metal products, once the friction layer or lubricating oil runs out, the life ends. Any bearing startup phase is the most critical moment. At this point, the lubrication film has not yet formed bearing began to work, and this is the most common case. As long as a work under load bearing, bearing can produce slight wear. In the start stage, minor wear more fully, will use these tiny the outer surface of the wear particles fill the shaft, therefore low wear at work can produce optimal lubrication film. After start-up, slight wear and tear drops rapidly, these changes had little impact on size. After the start-up phase of continuous work, the wear rate is small and stable.
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