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Self-aligning roller bearing assembly process planning

by:Waxing     2020-11-15
Wafangdian bearing - Bearing - comfortable and durable On June 27, the authors explain for you: spherical roller bearing assembly process procedures 1, the ball bearing, roller bearing, inside and outside surface must be smooth, can not have pitting the phenomenon such as crack, iron mold discoloration and peeling, keep intact and flexible rotation is sound. 2, bearing and shaft assembly adopts the basic hole system transition fit, the bearing and the shaft fit tolerance should conform to the requirements of the drawing tolerance, general is 0. 02 ~ 0. 3 mm force. Spherical roller bearing is indispensable component of mechanical transmission, friction properties on the surface of the bearing according to the relative motion, divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing. 3, bearing and the bearing assembly adopts the basic shaft system transition fit, tight force should conform to the requirements of the drawing tolerance, general is 0. 02 ~ 0. 1mm( Sleeve bearing small value) The principle is to ensure that the internal and external set of relative rotation does not occur. 4, before assembly, should check measuring axis, aperture, the cone and ovality shall conform to the requirements of the drawings, general conicity is not greater than zero. 015 mm, ovality is not greater than zero. 03mm。 5, for trunnion due to wear or other reasons, the shaft and bearing inner sleeve clearance is too large, should not take proofing punch or knurled method to increase the coordination with the tight force, to be spray cans or surfacing again car such as processing and restore the original size. 6, assembly use gasoline or kerosene first bearing clean, again according to the different assembly method of selection with nature, for surplus quantity larger except with press pressure into the also can be used when the oil heating to 90 ~ 115 ℃ rapidly suit method, small hammer into available for force, but along the uniform gradually into the all round, it is forbidden to directly knocking bearing inside and outside. Cool water bearing heating assembly shall not, should be its natural cooling. Self-aligning roller bearing assembly process planning when disassembling bearing principle of work is the pressure should be directly on the matching ring width, must not transfer roller pressure by tear open outfit, from the shaft power works in the inner sleeve, from bearing dismantling should work on your coat. Bearing comfortable and durable, )
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