Sealed bearing: Toyota prado rear wheel bearing how

by:Waxing     2020-11-08
Used on loading conditions on the influence of the rolling mill bearing life bearings mainly has the following kinds of cylindrical roller bearing, tapered bearings and double row spherical roller bearing, regardless of the quality of the bearing itself under the premise of use under the condition of the bearing life is mainly composed of bearing load of a decision. And often caused by axial load of fracture fragments, hoisting machine in the running process because of its high altitude high load more serious damage to the bearing of transmission parts. When the interference fit more than radial clearance, the oil level is too high or bearing box completely filled with grease, it will lead to lubricant full mixing and produce high temperature or spills. & #; Production steps of the bearing ring forging, forging process, if produce burnt, overheating, such as inside crack reticulate carbide decreases the toughness and strength of the ring. Bearing lubrication in order to improve the bearing capacity of bearing bush, to prevent the interference resulting from bearing assembly when the load or bearing seat and cover in the working process of the bearing shell caused by the deformation between incision joint inward reducing occur, causing the fit clearance is too small ( Usually say bush 'swan') , bearing is usually processed into the shape of the middle thick, on both sides of thin. Comprehensive factors bearing heating AQ company rear fan ( Model: Y - x - NOF) Because of frequent bearing heat problem has influence production, this thing will solve lasted more than two years, the direct costs ten thousand yuan. Cylindrical roller bearings, thrust ball bearing repair repair method of cylindrical roller bearings, thrust ball bearing and centripetal ball bearings, choose in indoor children's amusement park amusement equipment can increase the rolling body approach to compensation for removing the raceway damage of metal layer. Limited to oil, outside the hub and return to the journal bearing is installed, adjust the shaft head nut screw on with the hand, and then with the shaft head wrench torque tighten the adjusting nut according to the rules. Sliding bearing relative to the rolling bearing, there are a lot of rolling bearing no advantages, such as sliding bearing, in the case of lubricating oil is enough, whether impact resistance, or the life, noise, and the precision, small footprint, and so on merits, is rolling bearing does not have, so under the comprehensive consideration of xuzhou must use sliding bearing! Car wheel hub bearing damage, when driving wheel from the chassis of the corresponding position of the company's 'hitched hitched' continuous friction clash, often is the brake hub and abnormal brake pad friction greatly increase the driving resistance, serious when still can damage the wheel mechanism wheel falls off, lead to serious traffic accident. Based on summing up experience tell you some knowledge about mechanical bearing maintenance items: mechanical running condition of periodic inspection: from the bearing temperature, noise, vibration survey of the characteristics of periodic inspection and lubricant of judgment of lubricant supply and exchange period. Heating or cooling method ( Also known as thermal installation) : bearing heater when large amounts of the bearing size larger or interference, the installation force will increase significantly, this is where the principle of heat bilges cold shrink to install. Measures: check the conditions of use; Set appropriate interference and check material. To improve the installation and usage; Prevent crack friction ( Check the lubricant) ; Check around the bearing design; Cage damaged. Cone hole overall eccentric bearing installed eccentric taper hole overall bearing can be directly installed in a taper shaft neck, or load set set of the cone, and the withdrawal of the tightness of cooperate whole eccentric bearing radial clearance reduction is available to measure, therefore, before installation should measure the overall eccentric bearing radial clearance, the installation process should always measure the clearance in order to achieve the required clearance reduction is so far, the lock nut installed when installation, also can adopt the method of heating installation.
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