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Qiao in single cylinder diesel engine bearing shell - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Single cylinder diesel engine burning tile, after holding shaft available approximately in watts, grinding shaft when necessary. This method is simple, do not have to remove the cylinder head and piston connecting rod set, also don't have to adjust the valve clearance, save time and effort. ( 1) If crankshaft turn to be not moved, can first remove the flywheel transmission belt, pry flywheel nut lock plate, will remove the flywheel special wrench on the flywheel nut, hammer percussion wrench handle clockwise, usually a flywheel rotation. ( 2) Remove the gear cover, gear and rear cover, unscrew the flywheel nut, pull out the flywheel. ( 3) With the right elbow socket wrench screw out connecting rod bolts, rotate the crankshaft make the piston is at top dead center after decompression, and then remove the main bearing cap screws, ejector main bearing cover, stretched out his hand from the back cover off connecting rod bolts, take out the head, from the side pull the crankshaft, then use a wire through the connecting rod after the big head of the screw is bound. ( 4) According to the crankshaft journal of erosion situation to decide how to nap, and corresponding with tile. ( 5) After conventional packed spindle tile on the crankshaft, rotate the crankshaft crank backward, to pull the wire bundle in the connecting rod big head, the piston connecting rod set of check point downward motion, until the big end and the connecting rod shaft neck nicely. From facing the big end and the shaft collar after insert on tiles, tiles are under pressure into the connecting rod cap, and then turned into the connecting rod screws with the hand, and then install the main bearing cover. ( 6) Tighten after connecting rod bolt torque by the regulation, refitted all the removed parts
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