Qiao choose sliding bearing lubrication materials and lubrication way - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
There are many different kinds of sliding bearing and conditions of use and important degree tend to vary widely. So each are not identical to the requirement of lubricant. According to the different select the lubricating sliding bearing material. In if can formation on the surface of sliding bearing lubrication membrane separate motion pair, the sliding shaft friction can significantly reduce, because the kinematic pair don't direct contact with the surface, thus to avoid the wear and tear. Sliding bearing of the bearing capacity is big, high rotary precision, impact resistant effects of lubricating film, so the lubricating film is widely used in engineering. The formation of lubrication film is the basic condition of sliding bearing can work normally, factors affecting the formation of lubrication film lubrication way; Relative speed of motion pair; The physical properties of lubricant and the roughness of the surface, etc. The main purpose of the lubrication is to reduce the friction power loss, reduce or prevent wear and tear. At the same time also cooling, etc. Now use the lubricating oil. The viscosity of the grease is big, not easy leakage loss from bearing and its bearing capacity is big. 1. Select the general principles of the lubricating oil lubricating oil is the most widely used in sliding bearing lubricant. Fluid dynamic pressure bearing usually do using lubricating oil lubricant. In principle, when the higher rotational speed, pressure hours, should choose the lubricating oil with low viscosity. On the other hand, when low speed, high pressure should choose high viscosity of lubricating oil. The viscosity of the lubricating oil and decreased with the increase of temperature. Work in high temperature of bearing lubricant viscosity. 1. 1. , of low speed and heavy loading shock variable load under the working conditions of the application of high viscosity oil, in order to form the oil film. High speed light load, choose low viscosity lubricating oil ( The public number: pump pipe home) And reduce the friction loss. 1. 2. Should choose lubricating oil of high viscosity high operating temperature. Should choose small flash point high carbon content of lubricating oil temperature is too high. The temperature is too low to choose the lubricating oil with low freezing point. 1. 3. Processing or worn surface roughness should choose high viscosity of lubricating oil. 1. 4. Ring lubrication should choose low viscosity lubricating oil: when to choose high quality lubricating oil splash lubrication, prevent oxidation and stirring emulsification. 2. Choose the general principles of the embellish grease use grease can also form will be completely separated from the sliding surface of a thin film. Due to belong to the half solid lubricant grease, illiquid. Therefore, no cooling effect. Often in the requirements is not high, often hard to oil supply, or in the bearing and do swing motion of low speed and heavy loading. 2. 1. When the pressure is high and low sliding speed, choose penetration smaller varieties. On the contrary, choose penetration larger varieties. 2. 2. The dropping point of lubricating grease used, should be more commonly bearing the high working temperature of about 20 to 30 degrees heat, so as to avoid the loss of work too much grease. 2. 3. Where there is water wet or damp environment, should choose waterproof strong calcium base or aluminium base grease. Under the environment of higher temperature should choose sodium based or compound calcium base grease. 2. The sliding bearing lubrication way 2. 1. Manual lubrication when found bearing lubricating oil is insufficient, timely with the oiler oil supply, it is the most primitive way. This method is difficult to maintain a certain oil and a greater risk of inadvertently forgotten refueling, usually only used for light load, low speed or intermittent movement of the occasion. The best on the oil-way set dust cover or ball valve, and filter felt, cotton, wool, etc. 2. 2. Oil drip lubrication from the container through hole, needles, valve and other supplies roughly quantitative lubricating oil, is the most classic drip oil cup. Drops of oil varies with oil viscosity and bearing clearance and the oil hole position different significant changes. Used for peripheral speed is less than 4 ~ 5 m/s in the light load and load bearing. 2. 3. Ring lubrication can only be used for horizontal spindle lubrication method. Depend on the shaft and rotating ring oil pool of lubricants to bearing. Applicable to the diameter of axle is greater than 50 mm medium speed and high speed bearing. Oil ring had better be seamless, bearing width to diameter ratio less than 2, can use only one oil ring, otherwise need two oil ring. 2. 4. Wick lubrication by capillary action of wick and siphonage drew the lubricating oil in the oil cup to the bearing, used for peripheral speed is less than 4 ~ 5 m/s in the light load and load bearing. Wick and filtering effect. 2. 5. Lubrication oil pad using pad capillary action, the grease to the diameter of axle surface in oil pools. This method can make the friction surface often keep clean, but the dust will plug wool stoma cause insufficient oil supply. Oil pad amount of lubricating oil is only 1/20 of its oil lubrication. 2. 6. Oil bath lubrication bearing part of immersed in the lubricating oil lubrication method. This method used in the thrust bearing of vertical shaft, and should not be used for horizontal spindle radial bearing. 2. 7. Splash lubrication bearing by panting and splash of rotating parts in the fuel tank of lube oil supply bearing, bearing is suitable for high speed. 2. 8. Will spray lubrication oil atomizing spray on the surface of the friction, lubrication method, suitable for high speed bearing. 2. 9. Pressure lubrication oil supply oil to the bearing lubrication pump pressure, will flow from the bearing lubricating oil recycling into the oil pool to use cycle, is the largest oil, and the most stable lubrication method, suitable for high speed and overloaded, important sliding bearing.
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