Operation analysis - bearing TIMKEN bearing fault detection of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
TIMKEN bearing failure is often occurred in the process of operation, so you don't have a cow. Malfunctioned, judgment and processing is the key. 1, high bearing temperature: when the machine is running, the installation of TIMKEN bearing parts allowed to have a certain temperature, when the hand touch body shell, should not feel hot as normal, conversely indicates that bearing temperature is too high. The cause of the high bearing temperature are: lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements or metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity is too high; Machine assembly too tight, Inadequate clearance) ; Bearing assembly too tight; Bearing race in internal rotation shaft or housing; Too much load; Bearing cage or rolling body fracture, etc. 2, bearing noise: TIMKEN bearings allow running noise slightly in the work, if you have any abnormal noise or excessive noise or sound, suggests that the bearing failure. TIMKEN bearing causes of noise, is more complex, 1) Is bearing inner and outer surface wear. Due to this kind of wear and tear, damage the bearing and shell, bearing and shaft cooperate relationship, lead to axis deviation from the correct position, when axis at high speed movement produces sound. When the bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake, also can produce sound make bearing radial clearance increases. 2) Bearing lubrication, forms the dry friction, and bearing broken etc all make abnormal noise. 3) Bearing wear loose after kuang, maintains a looseness damage, also can produce sound bearing damage. Rolling bearings to remove check, according to the damage of bearing bearing failure and damage reasons. 3, metal raceway surface spalling: TIMKEN bearing roller and both inner and outer ring raceway surface under the role of the periodic pulse load, resulting in a periodic change of contact stress. When stress cycles after reaching a certain value, the rolling element bearings, their work within or surface produce fatigue spalling. If the bearing load is too big, can make the fatigue. In addition, the bearing installation is not straight, shaft bending, also can produce roll flaking off. Bearing raceway fatigue spalling can reduce the running accuracy of shaft vibration and noise in the organization. 4, bearing burns: burn the TIMKEN bearing the heat tint of raceway and rolling body. Burns is usually the cause of insufficient lubrication, lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements or metamorphism, and bearing assembly too tight. 5, plastic deformation, the bearing raceway and roller contact surface appear uneven pits, bearing produce plastic deformation. The reason is bearing under static load or shock loading, local stress exceeds the yield limit of material on the surface of the work, this kind of situation usually happened in the low-speed rotation of the bearing. Crack: 6, bearing race cause crack of the bearing race may be bearing fit tight, TIMKEN bearing foreign or inner ring is loose, bearing deformation, inclusive of installation of bearing surface processing etc. 7, maintains a fracture: the reason is the insufficient lubrication, rolling body breakage and seat skew, etc. 8, the metal cage adhesion on the rolling body, possible reason is that roller was stuck in a cage or insufficient lubrication. 9, seat ring raceway serious wear and tear, may is a circle into foreign body, lack of lubricating oil or lubricant brand is not appropriate. TIMKEN bearings after installation, in order to check whether the installation is correct, to the examination of the operation, small mechanical rotate confirm whether can use the hand well. Check project has caused by foreign bodies, scar, indentation and seized up, bad for installation and the installation seat processing bad and the imbalance of the rotating torque, the seal clearance is too small, the installation error caused by friction torque, etc. If there is no abnormal can start power operation. Because of heavy machinery can't manual rotation, so the no-load start immediately after turn off the power, to inertia, check whether there is presence of vibration, noise, rotating parts contact, etc. , confirmed that operate without exception into power. Dynamic operation, from the beginning of the no-load speed, rated operation conditions to slowly. Test run to check the items, whether there is abnormal sound, TIMKEN bearing temperature shift, leakage of lubricants and discoloration, and so on. In test run if discovery is unusual, should stop immediately, check the machine, it is necessary to unload bearing inspection. TIMKEN imported bearing temperature check general appearance supposedly from housing. But using the oil hole, direct measurement of bearing outer ring temperature, more accurate. Bearing temperature began to rise, without exception, usually stable after 1 ~ 2 hours. If because of the bearing or install such bad, bearing temperature will rise sharply, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as lubricant, bearing clearance is too small, too much bad installation, excessive friction sealing device, etc. High-speed rotation, bearing the lubrication methods selection error is also the reason.
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