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Operating principle and characteristics of water pump bearing seal ring? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
What is the water pump bearing seal ring? Water pump bearing seal ring is designed solely for application of pump device components, is also a belt-driven centrifugal pump in the core of automotive cooling system. East sheng guangzhou seal company tell you pump in electric power, chemical, oil and other industries use, sealing and reliability requirements for pump seal higher and stricter. When the engine running, pump drive coolant loop in the whole system. Drive belt cannot be used, however, is the water pump can't work. This is always in the maintenance of double checking the belt status during the period of important reasons. So, the working principle of pump is what? Pump start before the pump first inflow tube filling with water, the water pump after the operation, the high-speed rotating impeller and the centrifugal force, under the action of the water in the impeller passage was thrown around, pressed into the volute, impeller entrance to form a vacuum, pools of water along the suction pipe in the outside world under the atmospheric pressure inhaled added to this space. Then inhale water was thrown the volute impeller into the outlet pipe. For the coolant pump seal using centrifugal force when rotating pumping out, and at the same time from the center. Pump inlet near the center, make returning from the radiator coolant knock pump blades, then the blade from the coolant pump outside into the engine. Allows the pump in the coolant flow through the engine cylinder and the cylinder head first, and then through the radiator finally returned to the pump. * the characteristics of the water pump bearing seals have? 1, water pump bearing seal various sealing lip design, such as the lips; 2, water pump bearing seal special recipe of elastomer and binder; 3, water pump bearing seal ring Ann | full axial antiscale and spring loaded lip; 4, water pump bearing sealing ring in the whole bearing life always has excellent oil retention; 5, water pump bearing seal adhesive ability and have glycol resistance;
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