One-way needle roller bearing and evaluation criteria

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Due to the current socialist market economy legal system is not sound, and many consumers do not know the identify the advantages and disadvantages of bearing, or lured by low prices, make the small manufacturer of bearings and counterfeit bearings with market. According to statistics, the current small manufacturer bearing and counterfeit bearings on the market share of more than sixty percent, some areas share even more than 80%. But the quality and inferior bearing because of its inherent defects and low precision and has a great deal of harm, so as to bring huge losses to users. 1, due to the limitation of raw materials, and inferior bearing rigidity can not meet the national demand. In use can appear deformation, etc. , which affects the service life and damage to the other part of the machine. In particular the high temperature bearing and high-speed bearing, bearing of hardness directly affects its service life and safety use. 2, due to the small manufacturer and the limitation of the underground factory quenching technology, and inferior bearing vitrified clay quenching heating temperature is not uniform, which affect the precision of the bearing, appear deformation, and so on and so forth. 3, its enormous technical constraints directly affect the precision of the bearing, this problem become unable to overcome the shortcomings, and the precision of the gap not only directly damage the machine parts, also make bearing load and unload a more troublesome thing, even can carry not appear available shall not unloading situation, direct damage, delay the time machine. 4, small manufacturers and illegal processing plants in order to reduce cost, use inferior raw materials, including steel, malleable iron, carbon steel, reduction process in the production process at the same time, these products in use process is easy to appear problem, even the machine equipment scrap directly. In order to maintain their own rights and interests of consumers, in addition to enhance their legal consciousness, learn to identify, choose quality goods bearing, so as to avoid irreparable damage to the equipment.
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