Oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Lubricating oil is used on all types of machinery to reduce friction, protect the body of the machinery and mechanical parts lubricant, mainly for lubrication, cooling, antirust, clean, sealed and buffer, and so on. Lubricating oil accounted for 85% of all lubrication materials, various kinds of, now the world's annual consumption of about 38 million tons. The general requirements for lubricating oil is: ( 1) Antifriction and antiwear, friction resistance situation in order to save energy and reduce wear to prolong mechanical life, improve the economic benefit; ( 2) Cooling, request the frictional heat discharge closed; ( 3) Bees to leak prevention, dustproof, mixes up; ( 4) Anti corrosion rust, for protect the friction surface from oil deterioration or external erosion; ( 5) Clean wash, requested the friction area scale cleaning out; ( 6) Disperse the stress buffer and distributed load and moderate impact and shock absorption; ( 7) Kinetic energy transmission, hydraulic system and remote control motor and friction stepless variable speed.
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