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Motor bearing with soon - bearing the cause of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
1/4 turn electric car dozen feet overhead clearly hear the sound of the motor in a box, this kind of question is bearing rock lead to more, need to replace new bearing. 2/4 screw I usually bring down the motor line over there, we see after open the motor internal or cleaner, some biltong rust color, this these rust we can use sand paper burnish, then with blower gun to blow clean. Three-quarters of the motor coil, at the time of replacement of bearing we also want to check whether there is loaded bearing rotor shaft wear and prevent the bearing inner ring in loose. 4/4 find out two and motor bearing is the bearing, the new change can go. It is important to note at the time of loading motor bearing to find a barrel type bearing outer ring, try not to knock the bearing inner ring, this bearing use more longer. We also see have rust inside the motor, the motor with water, so to change the water seal of motor bearing, motor cover sealing glue to waterproof
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