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Motor bearing overheating the cause and the treatment method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-07
The cause and the treatment methods (motor bearing overheating 1) Bearing damage, should be replaced. ( 2) Rolling bearing grease too little, too much, or has the impurity such as iron filings. Grease bearing capacity should not be more than 70% of the total volume, have impurities should be replaced. ( 3) Shaft and bearing fit too tight or too loose. Should be tight to grinding, must be set to a shaft with too loose. ( 4) Bearing and end cover fit too tight or too loose. Too tight when processing the bearing chamber, too loose inside the end cover set steel bushing. ( 5) Two motor end cover or bad bearing cover assembly. Will end cover or bearing cover check into mouth, flat, tighten the screws. ( 6) The belt too tight or bad coupling assembly. Adjust the belt tension, coupling correction. ( 7) Sliding bearing lubricating oil is too little, have impurities or oil ring stuck. Should such as refueling, change new oil, repair or replace the oil ring.
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