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Motor bearing of 15 kinds of sound source of trouble? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Mechanical operation through the bearing sound judgment will stethoscopic close to the flange bearing status, investigating the size of the bearing slewing sound and sound quality, such as hear the clear sound can be judged as normal product, but the judgment is relatively complex, and requires very rich experience. In addition, the bearing be difficult to describe in words, and vary from person to person, together is not necessarily accurate, and the more experience is needed. The following typical characteristics of different sound of bearing and to explain their reasons. When the motor noise problems are not good. Can a comparison table to check the failure. Understand these noises you can make a preliminary judgment. To solve the problem by themselves would not have handed over to maintenance department [ His face] , hope the above information is useful to you understand motor fault.
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