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Motor bearing grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
EccoGreaseBF60, BF61 series motor bearing grease is a compound oil compound lithium soap thickened, and improved structure, oxidation resistance, corrosion-resistant and other additives, refined and efficient conductive medium. For the micro motor, dc motor, toys, vibration motor, electric toothbrush, razor, motor, massager motor and the production of high quality grease. Good anti-wear performance, copper, commutator wear small; { HotTag} Good mechanical stability, colloid stability and resistance to oxidation stability; Has a very low low temperature starting torque and torque, easy start in low temperature; Low friction coefficient, low noise, lubrication performance persistence, working life is long; Excellent high and low temperature performance, applicable temperature range: - 60 ~ + 150 ℃, the DN value of up to 1 million; Application: suitable for all kinds of series, hood, induction and dc micro motor lubrication and protection; Suitable for micromotor commutator, household appliances, bearing and gear lubrication; Suitable for low noise motor bearings, gears and instruments lubrication; Product name: miniature motor oil, motor carbon brush grease, micro-motor fat fat fat, micro motor, motor, motor, fan grease grease, micro motor grease, special grease of tubular motor.
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