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Miniature thrust ball bearing and miniature roller bearing

by:Waxing     2020-11-25
Thrust ball bearing contact Angle is 90 °. All contact Angle is greater than 45 ° ball bearings, ball bearings are called force like deep ball bearings, thrust ball bearing is suitable for high-speed operation. Have certain external heart function in order to make the bearing, thrust ball can be installed on the spherical seat, as shown in figure 13. When the contact Angle is 90 °, the bearing can't afford to figure 1. 34 with spherical seat, with external cardiac function, and the contact roller bearing is generally used in the occasion of load than general ball bearing capacity. Compared with the same feet す ball bearing, roller bearing usually have higher rigidity ( Small deformation under unit load) And better fatigue resistance. Usually, roller bearing and Labour costs and prices are higher than the same size ball bearing, installation requirements and to be more demanding. In addition to the spherical roller bearing, installation time need to pay attention to ensure the shaft and the concentricity of the bearing. 1. 3. 2 the centripetal roller bearing 1. 3. 2. Cylindrical roller bearing as shown in figure 1. 35, cylindrical roller bearing because of its low friction torque, so is suitable for high-speed operation. This type of bearings also have the ability to bear big radial load. However general cylindrical roller bearing along the axial channeling move, on either side of a ring of the bearing roller guide guard, but not on another ring, as shown in figure 1. 36. If there is a guide on another ring guard, are roller bearing can be subject to appropriate axial load, as shown in figure 1. 37. To avoid edge roller appear stress concentration, usually with a roller crown, as shown in figure 1. 38. Roller convexity can also eliminate the adverse effect brought by the slight tilt. Roller convexity in theory is aimed at a kind of design load conditions, can also be used to replace the crown roller convexity groove.
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