Minhang district bearing recycling process - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Minhang district bearing recycling process.     Electronic recycling & emsp;   Along with the development of C2C, if don't consider to old change new, so consumers can only through the Internet phone directly sold to individuals, for example in 58, fair, free fish such secondary trading platform, a large number of second-hand mobile phones are buying every day. Minhang district bearing recycling center, points out that in the process of trading, the value of these platforms are tools, cannot have the effect of protect the interests of both sides, not to mention the real perfect second-hand mobile phone after-sales service. Minhang district bearing recycling center, points out that under the control of the influence of factors such as environmental protection, countries in recent years to promote the products, such as policy planning, scrappage subsidies from the policy and the impact is very important, even on the market all second-hand mobile phone cannot be renovated or depreciation is used, ReCellular large cell phone recycling companies in the United States, for example, minhang district bearing recycling center according to their estimates, in 100 million used mobile phones, with 35 tons of 1600 tons of copper, silver, 3. Four tons of gold, 1. 5 tons of palladium, these heavy metal refining can also be used electronics recycling is an important part of interests.     Minhang district bearing recycling & emsp;   Minhang district bearing recycling center, points out that the central air conditioning water -- Copper pipe heat preservation cotton no good package, central air conditioning indoor line is all adopts copper pipe, copper pipe inside the refrigerant temperature is very low, if there are no packages sealed heat preservation cotton, or poor quality of heat preservation cotton no good heat preservation effect, above the line will have a lot of condensed water condensation, and drops down, wet smallpox. Solution: minhang district bearing recycling center recommend to choose a better quality of some insulation cotton, different diameter of copper tube to adopt corresponding aperture heat preservation cotton, package heat preservation cotton note cannot let the heat preservation cotton and copper pipe have any clearance, and to ensure that the brass there would be no nudity.     Minhang district bearing recycling center pointed out that the wire and cable manufacturing involves extensive technology categories, pressure from non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, the plastic, rubber, paint and other chemical technology; Fiber material around the bag, weaving and other textile technology, to around the package of metal materials and metal strip is applied to longitudinally wrap, welding of metal forming process, and so on. Minhang district bearing recycling center pointed out that the wire and cable used in the manufacture of various materials, not only the categories, many varieties, specifications, and large quantities. As a result, the amount of all kinds of material, spare capacity, batch of material cycle and batch must be approved. At the same time, the decomposition of waste treatment and recycling, reuse, and waste treatment, as an important content of management, to do a good job of material ration management, attaches great importance to save. Minhang district bearing recycling center, points out that in the production of wire and cable, from raw materials and various auxiliary materials in and out, storage, processing of semi-finished products circulation to product storage, delivery, material flow is big, must be reasonable layout and dynamic management.     Bearing recycling process & emsp;   Electronic waste is different from the other waste category, electronic waste degradation due to the difficult basic will not adopt the way of the landfill, while recycling purification burning as the main way to recycle electronic products and minhang district bearing recycling center according to the data shows, the Internet in the midst of waste electronic products, content of secondary refining of precious metals tend to be a lot of ore of high purity than primary purification, circuit board contains gold element is a ton of gold ore of 40 times to 800 times. A ton of waste circuit board, for example, can be 400 grams of gold and 200 kilograms of copper and 500 grams of other metals. And because of the e-waste dismantling of the whole industry technology and equipment level is not high, the industrial chain is shorter, the depth of the cycle is not enough, lead to added value is lower, a lot of electronic waste dismantling enterprises average gross margin of less than 10.     Minhang district bearing recycling minhang district bearing recycling process
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