Mine suction pump high pressure motor bearing a new innovation technology - bearing knowledge of repair

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
The service life of the equipment operation will be damaged or achieve cycle, mining equipment is not exceptional also. When equipment damage or when they need to be replaced, the use of units will be according to the operation conditions make the maintenance plan, equipment and requirements within the prescribed period of time for repair or replacement parts. Mining suction pump high pressure motor axis is one of the common equipment damage parts, because of its importance, so has been the unit using heart sting. If it does not damage the original equipment, the operation will not be too multifarious, it is best to use of repair and continue for a long time online, become a top priority. Technology now, in addition to the traditional old process, many rely on new technology process are also beginning to online, such as the popular carbon nano polymer materials. Do not need complicated outsourcing and offline operation can be done, and not to damage the original equipment, repair after the service life of the original equipment is second to none. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer repair mine suction pump high pressure motor bearing wear of scheme and step according to the mining high voltage motor using the environment and the analysis of the speed of the motor, using the high voltage motor bearing or adjacent size tolerance, the processing sauvy tooling is the best way to realize online repair to ensure that the concentric, site operation steps are as follows: (1) demolition of positioning bearing and bearing shell, using various sizes of outside micrometer measuring diameter of axle, and retest approval after finishing equipment; (2) clean up the oil bearing a repair parts, and then the oil stains carbide with acetylene oxygen gun fire, pay attention to the ban on high temperature to avoid impact axis; (3) empty be on probation, checking fixtures and shaft with compactness, observe whether tooling is closed at the same time; (4) repair parts adjacent parts do protection, avoid wear other parts; (5) with the Angle of grinding machine grinding wheel piece of bearings, make it show metal color rough surface, the more the better, grinding requirements after a clean, dry, solid, rough; 6 with anhydrous ethanol clean and repair parts, remove dust iron and until ethanol boiled away; All landowners according to SD7104 1:3 harmonic proportion of material blending materials quickly even, to colorless difference; End up tooling wall wash clean with anhydrous ethanol, brush paint surface SD7000 stripping machine, the evenly without omissions; Pet-name ruby in shaft repair place daub SD7104 material, apply evenly to pore-free; Attending the rapid installation tooling, to SD7104 material curing; ⑪ Remove the tooling to remove excess SD7104 material, testing after repair trunnion sizes; ⑫ Bearing heated to 100 degrees Celsius, it is forbidden to more than 120 ℃, rapid installation bearing; ⑬ Adjustment shaft connected to the bearing, coupling, motor and pump to the theory of concentric, switched on.
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