Mill bearing high temperature causes and treatment methods - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Increasing in recent years, the application range of the mill, it be used in the pharmaceutical industry, not only in chemical, food industries have become an ideal crushing equipment. However, like other pharmaceutical equipment, crusher is faced with some problems. Among them, the bearing temperature is a big problem to the customer.     Before discuss the problem of bearing temperature, must first understand the working principle of mill. Crusher is mainly using active plate and fixed tooth plate, the high speed relative motion between the shattered by the tooth impact, friction and impact among the materials themselves, the comprehensive effects are crushed. Fuselage of simple structure, strong, stable running, crushing effect is good, the crushed material can directly by the host grinding cavity vent, the particle size can be obtained by changing different aperture of mesh, while the machine for stainless steel. Casing wall finishing all reach the surface smooth, changed the previous machine wall roughness, the phenomenon of accumulated powder and the production of medicine, food, chemical and other more in line with national standards, so as to achieve the requirements of GMP.     There are many factors that can cause bearing overheating, for example, when two bearing rugged, or with different heart crusher rotor motor rotor, additional load bearing down, causing bearing overheating. Encounter this situation, experts say, it is necessary to immediately stop the troubleshooting, preventing damage of bearing early.     To extend the service life of mill bearings and bearing inner lubricating oil too much, too little, or aging is the main reason for the cause bearing overheating and damaged. At this point, the operator need to refill on time in accordance with the requirements for using books quantitative lubricating oil. In general, the lubrication of the bearing space of 70% 80%, too little or too much is bad for bearing lubrication and heat transfer.     In addition, the matching of the bearing cover and shaft tight, bearing and shaft fit too tight or too loose will also cause bearing overheating. If appear this kind of problem, when the equipment operation, will send out the friction noise and clearly. At this point, the operator should immediately stop, remove the bearing finishing friction parts, and then carried out in accordance with the requirement to assembly. 'In fact, the bearing after working for a long time is easy to occur the phenomenon of overheating, if once appear, this phenomenon will early treatment to prevent damage. 'Said grinder manufacturer.     The author understands, high bearing temperature is crusher common problem, is also a great failure. If the temperature rise faster, more than standard will cause equipment stoppage or is reduced load operation, will bring damage to equipment, reduce the service life of bearing, increase equipment maintenance costs affect the economic benefits of enterprises. So, to judge fault quickly and take the appropriate measures to ensure the normal order of the crusher, continuous and safely running.     In order to ensure the normal work of bearing, operators need to attach importance to check the work. Usually need to check these points. Bearing quality: to check whether there is grease metamorphism, agglomerate, impurities such as adverse situation, this is the important basis of reason judge bearing damage. To check the bearing have chewed and wear; Check the bearing inner and outer ring, rolling body, maintains its smoothness and presence of cracks on the surface of the discoloration, rust, peeling, pits, overheating defects, such as excessive measuring bearing clearance; Look for wear, pit shaft sleeve, peeling, if there is more than a new bearing should be replaced.     Bearing with: when cooperate with too loose, mating surface will produce relatively sliding, namely creep. Once produced to wear matching surface, creep damage of shaft or housing, and wear into the bearing internal powder and fever, vibration and damage. As a result, the operator should consider the nature of the bearing load, size, temperature condition, the rotation of the inner ring outer conditions.     Bearing parts fit clearance adjustment: when the clearance through the hours, oil will reduce, too late to take away the heat generated by the friction, the temperature of the bearing will be further increased; When the clearance is too large, will change the bearing dynamic characteristics of rotor unsteady operation. To this, expert proposal, for the usage of mill and the use conditions to choose the suitable bearing clearance.
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